Top 6 Saltwater Aquarium Fish

Many reefers recommend buying fish only for their utility values which is excellent advice. But sometimes, you want to buy a wish with your heart, not your head. So, here is the size tank that you'll enjoy the most:

Scarlet 7 Longnose Hawkfish

These are great examples of buying fish purely for their aesthetic value, as they do nothing to help around the tank. Hawkfishes come with a caveat that they may eat some small ornamental inverts. However, they go well with the other fish in the tank.

Leopard Wrasse

Any Wrasse in this genus is generally considered very difficult to keep. However, this guy is far easier to maintain. But it would be best to exercise caution with these fishes, given their reputation. 

These fishes are known for eating Nudiworms and Flatworms. But other than that, they are relatively peaceful, readily eat frozen Mysis shrimp, don't jump out of the water, and are incredible centerpiece fish.

Two Barred Rabbitfish

Most people prefer Tangs for algae control, but this fish is much better. This fish is peaceful without being shy. He eats very quickly, keeps all the types of algae away, and hasn't touched any of the corals, including Torches or Acans.

White Tail Kole Tank

This falls in the BRS category of choosing a variety of algae eaters based on their diet. While Rabbit fishes go for the big stuff, this fish will go for the rocks all day long, stopping algae before it can get going. 

Copperbanded Butterfly Fish

Now you might think this was a no-brainer. But everything you've heard about the fish is true. However, if you provide for it well, it will be a tremendous and peaceful addition to the tank.

Regal Angelfish

The Regal Angelfish is a picky eater and very shy but can also be highly compatible with corals. Some people report them eating Zoas or other fleshy coral-like scans, but more often than not, they are reef safe. We've had them for three months.

They feed quickly for food and swim around, pecking rocks all day. Some fishes are so stunning that they are worth the risk they come in, and ultimately, there is something extraordinary about seeing an Angelfish in a reef tank, precisely once so pretty.

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