Back in August 2015, the idea of the Tank Facts website started and the domain was purchased. For the next year, we evaluated what was available on the market and came up with a path for the website to reach our end goal. On September 2016, we started to break ground on the website.

Our goal is to help the hobby better understand how species can interact with other species. Anyone in the hobby knows species do not follow a simple yes or no or a guarantee in any way because everyone's aquarium is unique and each species can react differently. This is why we focus on percentages allowing users to see that a species is 73% reef safe, or show to be aggressive 100% of the time.

The idea is the more people who use the site the more accuracy the data will be, that is why the site is free we will never charge you even a single Satoshi to use the site. With that said if you wish to help the project the best thing you can do is use the site and provide feedback. If you have a special skill set and you want to help more click the message option on the bottom of the page and let us know. Currently, I am funding everything for the site out of pocket with some hopes that eventually the site will be self-contained.

Tony Palacios - I started in the aquarium hobby in 2005, during my wife and I honeymoon, we both went diving for the first time and that is when I realized I wanted a piece of the ocean that I could enjoy at home every day. That is when the addiction started for me. I am very much a numbers type of guy and want to understand how things work. I was a network engineer in the past which means I probably over complicate my setups by integrating as much technology as possible.