The first-time hobbyists would love to keep fishes that are "Colorful, Active Swimmers and in large groups." Well, my fish-loving friends, cichlids are the best way to attain this kind of scenario. Many of us would love to have these kinds of fishes right? Seeing colorful fishes in a tank, schooling/swimming in groups are indeed a sight to behold. It gives you a stress-free feeling and a sense of achievement. Why did I say achievement(s), First, you would have to choose a particular kind or species of cichlids that you as a Hobbyist would keep. The second is that you will re-enact their respective biotopes right inside your homes.

Cichlids on these articles are species that I had the opportunity to keep. Let's start with the Angelfish. Personally, I find them very interesting. 

Bulgarian Seal Point Angelfish
Sta. Isabel Angelfish

At small sizes, Angelfishes does not exhibit their natural colors and distinct features. When angelfishes mature they are elegant looking and swims tightly with others. A very interesting group of fishes that anyone would love to keep. And angelfishes are a staple to starting to the expert level hobbyist. A fish that you could really enjoy.


Next on our cichlid's list are one of the coolest to keep. Set up a tank with gravel and some large rocks and VIOLA, you now then have a biotope for Fromtosa's. I just love the way they look from juveniles up to adulthood. Tanks with Frontosa's give you that way more relaxing feeling, along with that subtle lighting system that you will be using.

Frontosa Moba
Frontosa Mpimbe
Frontosa Mpimbwe

As you guys could see, Frontosa are indeed eye candy when it comes to appearance. These cichlid species are really good investments and they also provide their owners a sense of pride when they showcase them. 

Up next on the list are the so-called "Kings of the Tank". My fish-loving friends, may I introduce you to the Discus fish. This species varies in colors and has the most eye-catching patterns on its bodies. They are beautiful in bare tanks and more majestic in planted tank setups. Discus are very pleasing to the eyes and a would-be-keeper will be fascinated in having one for years. Choosing will never be wrong when it comes to Discus. It could certainly be a conversation topic with friends and co-hobbyists.

One would truly appreciate the beauty of discus if they are kept in groups. Since they have many colors to choose from, a hobbyist can have a particular color that they would love to keep. I have seen a single-colored Discus community up to different color variations.

Red Pigeon Discus
Red Melon Discus


You can never go wrong if you chose to keep the discus fish.

And finally my personal favorites, the Lake Malawi Cichlids.

They are the active, colorful swimmers of the cichlids class. When you see their swimming patterns, it is indeed a sight to behold. Home entertainment at its best. One would say, this would really put your stress level at a minimum. Believe me, having these guys on your tanks would be envy to others. Such a spectacular sight when feeding times are starting. I could say keeping them in large numbers in a particular tank will be most rewarding to these fishes as well as to their owners. 

We can't deny the fact that they will bring such joy and achievements to the fishkeeper inside us. The hobby won't be complete without the Lake Malawi cichlids.

Malawi Cichlid Tank
Lake Malawi Cichlids
Lake Malawi Cichlids


Well, I hope you had FUN and EXCITEMENT like I did while writing this article. Now you have the choice of what cichlid fish you are going to keep.


Till the next Aquarium Article that we will be sharing with one another.

See you, My Fish Loving friends...





Mr. Toto Magturo / Sams Lagoon Petshop 

Mr. Miguel San

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