Do Guppies Have Menopause or Andropause?

Female Guppies Menopause

Female Guppie becomes sexually mature at about three months old. Usually, breeders don't breed them at this early age for various reasons. 

At three months old, the female Guppy is still small and will only give birth to a few fries. Being pregnant at an early age will put a lot of stress on females and slow down their growth. 

So, female Guppies are usually bred at least six months old. The Guppy is fully developed at this stage and can drop 50 to 100 fries at once.

It's worth waiting an extra three months because instead of 10 fires, you can get 100 at a time. For one encounter with the male, a female Guppy can produce babies for three to six months. So, a single Guppy mum can have 150 to 600 babies.

Most breeders will only use females for the first three batches of fry because, after that, the quality of the fry can deteriorate. So, there is no point in keeping them.

Female Guppies will stop getting pregnant when they get older. Some female Guppies will have menopause much earlier, while others will still produce babies until they die. Guppies that do not make frys are useless for breeders because they will take up aquarium space, eat a lot, and only produce the water.

Some breeders will keep this Guppy for or sell them to other breeders as feeder fish.

Guppy Male Menapaue and Andrapause

Unlike females, Guppy males can reach sexual maturity at only one-month-old. This is why it is essential to separate the male and female fry early if you are doing selective Guppy breeding.

Because at one month old, the male Guppies don't show all their traits yet; therefore, they are not allowed to breed.

Male is usually used for breeding at nearly the same age as female when they become 6-month old. Therefore, male Guppies are used in the breeding process only once and are not kept together with the females.

Males will only stress out the females, so there is no point in keeping them together after inseminating the female. One male Guppy can be used to inseminate multiple females. Males can also become infertile much earlier than females.

Once male Guppies get older, their ability to produce quality fry decreases. Their destiny is usually the same as their female partner.

How to Care for Guppies in Menopause?

Guppies that have Menopause do not require special care. These Guppies will usually grow significantly because their energy is no longer focused on producing fry but on growth.

Feed them regularly and make sure that water parameters are stable.

How to Delay Menopause is Guppies?

If you are breeding guppies, your goal is to produce as many guppy fries as possible. For this reason, you might want to delay menopause in Guppies.

As mentioned above, the starting of Menapuase depends on the individual fish. 

Guppy menopause usually depends on genetics. If the mother has a shorter fertility period, it will most likely pass it on to the fry. However, terrible water conditions can make the Guppies infertile.

Do Guppies have Menstruation?

Just like other fishes, Guppies don't have menstruation, so they don't go through the process of discharging blood as mammals or humans do. Instead, guppies have a gestation period of 25 to 35 days, so they can give birth to frys about once a month until they get into menopause.

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