Choosing the right and suited filtration for your tank

When choosing and buying a filtration system for your tank, it would be best to consider first the budget you are willing to spend, the type of filtration you will be using, and the filter media. We also would need to consider that these filtration systems will be our assistant in maintaining pristine conditions on our fish tank. Filtration will depend on our tank size as well as the number of fishes we have inside our tank. There are several types of filtration that we can use. And we will be discussing this further in the article.

For small tanks, we could use under gravel filters, sponge filters, small top box filters to help us with the small tank requirements. These filters are easy to install and use. And could definitely filter small-sized tanks efficiently as long as we also do our water change routines.
The only downside for these filters is the small area where beneficial bacteria could thrive and get "dirty" faster.
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For medium to large tanks, the following would be efficient filtration systems. These include the trickle filter, customize top box filter, and sump filtration. Trickle filters are nice options since they are available in 2,3,4,5,6 feet variation and usually have 3 layers when you get them. They are stackable trays that you can customize according to your needs. And you also get to choose the media that you will be using. It may be a bit pricey but t will surely help you enjoy the tank hobby, as it will assist in providing clear and viewable tank water. Bear in mind that we still need to buy separate water pumps for the trickle filter to work.

Lastly, we have the sump, which is a chambered tank at the bottom of your main tank that will serve as your filtration system. Usually, sump size would be 20% of the size of your main tank volume. but you can go bigger than 20% if you want and if you have the extra funds to do it. This would be the most pricey of filtration for me. the reason is the area you need to accommodate all the media that you will be using. Also, this would need a more powerful pump to return filtered water from the sumo to the main tank.

All types of filtration are effective as long as you also o water changes and keep your water parameters in check. There is no absolute perfect filtration but we can definitely;y make it work properly to achieve its full filtration potential.

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