5 Most EXPENSIVE Corals in the World

Most of us reef-keeping hobbyists bork at the idea of a $500 coral. But, in this article, we are going to cast aside reality and allow ourselves to fantasize about life on a budget with the top 5 most expensive corals in the world.

5. Indophyllia Coral ($2,300)

Usually, this extreme piece of beauty is available for $2,300. But, there are a number of reasons making this long-tentacles coral so pricey. First, these uncommon corals are rarely imported into the hobby. They are almost always found in single specimens in the wild, not the vast quantities of colonies like many other corals. 

But, it is not just the rarity that gives this coral its price tag. The color of Indophyllia is usually pale brown and green that is rather boring. So, finding a specimen with a mesmerizing pattern and colors they have makes them an ever rare treat, and rare treats cost money.

4. Cornbreds's Holy Grail Torch ($3,000)

With green adn gold stalk leading to sky blue tips, it is not hard to see why this coral is so expensive. It is quite simply absolutely beautiful. But, the significant part of the price comes purely from the name.

Cornbred corals describe themselves as one of the premier suppliers of high-end corals for collectors. However, while this holy grail torch is undoubtedly stunning, it is only marginally different from other similar torch corals you can buy for a fraction of the price.

So, this is very much a case of a coral where you get to say you own a Cornbred's Holy Grail. Content is king, and marketing is queen!

3. WWC Bounce Mushroom ($6,000)

In 2016, this was the most expensive coral in the world. In essence, it is just a common Mushoor, but unlike the normal one, this has inflated fluorescent vesicles or skin sacs that give its rather unique appearance. But, while it is undoubtedly an extraordinary coral, there is more to the price than the mere beauty of rarity.

In the world of coral collecting, people are always looking for the next big thing, and certain corals come into fashion and become trendy, thus artificially inflating their price tag. In 2016, Bounce Mushroom was more or less unheard of, so when the mother of all bounce mushrooms became available, the seller will have knows it could pretty much name this price.

Fast forward five years, Bounce Mushrooms are no less stunning but are more readily available and affordable. 

2. Purple MonsterJawbreaker Mushroom ($10,000)

Just twelve months after the WWC Bounce Mushroom set the bar for indulging corals, another Mushroom coral smashed the world record for the most expensive coral. This time it was a Discosoma Mushroom labeled the Purple MonsterJawbreaker. Now, Jawbreaker mushroom had already started appearing in the hobby in various psychedelic colors and often fetching four-figure sums.

But, these corals are not sold for $10,000 and weigh about 15 grams, making them 12 times the price of gold. Now, there is no denying that 10-grand is a fair old chunk of change for a coral, and while rarity and fashion play their part in the case of this particular Mushroom, for most, it is the most spectacular coral on this list.

1. Colorado Sunburst Anemone ($12,000)

The most expensive coral ever is the Colorado Sunburst Anemone and Aqua Shell festival min 2019, for a true sphincter $12,000. But, this is probably the best example of a trend pushing up the prices now, that the multi-colored Anemonies are more commonly available for hundreds, not thousands of dollars.

But, with that being said, if you had the money to spare and you had the opportunity to own something truly spectacular adn unique, would you say no?

Technically, An Anemone is not a coral, but it lives in a reef tank, which costs more than a small car. 



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