Why Using a Pre-Filter Sponge is Vital for your Aquarium?

In this article, we'll talk about pre-filter sponges. Many people misunderstand what their use is, or most have dabbled into it, but it didn't pan out for them. 

What is a Pre-Filter Sponge?

The pre-filter sponge goes at the beginning of your intake on a hang-on back filter or a canister. They come in different sizes.

It helps keep the baby fish from being sucked up in the filter. It also keeps the plants and food from getting into the filter. Therefore, it is better for your fish, plants, and the filter.

It is made of coarse foam because it does not restrict the filter. That's why it's always recommended to keep the biggest sponge size your filter allows. It helps with the filtration but also stores more bioload. Plus, by putting the sponge on the intake, you gain massive surface areas as bacteria. Here, you can grow beneficial bacteria.

Cleaning the Pre-Filter Sponges

The sponge does collect lots of junk. While they are biological, they'll also do the mechanical work of collecting the fish waste.

When you are cleaning the sponge, use a fish bag or a big ziplock bag. Get the bag around the sponge and seal it around the top. It'll have water and dirt, and that is normal. Now, lift it out and wash it off in the sink.

Using the Pre-Filter Sponge

Another great thing about the pre-filter sponges is placing them anywhere in the tank. These sponges can then be used for new aquariums to help with the tank cycling. 

However, when you install the sponges, install the least amount possible. Make sure it covers loosely to the intake. Voer up the slits of the intake filter just enough. Please don't push it all the way down.

If you push it all the way down, it'll never come off. But it only uses the last 10% of the filter. So, all the other sponge becomes used. Therefore, you want a minimal amount to do the work for you. 

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