Torch Corals: complete care guide

In this article, we will be learning about the Torch Coral, this is a trendy coral for everyone that wants a really pretty reef tank. A lot of people love to see corals that flow really well if you are one of them then this is the coral for you. 

They are Euphyllia Corals so you will notice whenever we go through; how to take care of them. They are very similar to the Frogspwan corals and Hammers, they relate a lot. It is an LPS coral.

All about Torch Corals

Price: You can get them at $60 minimum but upwards are like $200, whenever the colors get a little bit crazier. If you have a large stock of Torch Coral, you can make a lot of money from them.

Care Level: They are moderate. You want to make sure that you do things right when you are dealing with them. 

Temperature: 72-78 degrees, it is definitely recommended to keep them in the higher end. 78-degrees is pristine for them.

dKH: You should keep it from 8-12.

pH: 8.1-8.4

Salinity: 1.023-1.025, you can keep them at right 1.024, it keeps them really happy.

Colors: You tend to see most of the times purple-tips and pink-tips, which is the most common. This is the one that people just have a surplus of, so you definitely see them more often.

Ultra Gold and Metallic-green are some that are a little bit harder to find, these are the ones that you would get for upwards of $100 and $200. They get a little bitty, one to two heads of them.

Diet: They pretty much feed most of the times by photosynthesis, that is where they get most of their nutrients from. But you also want to direct feed them to split and grow really healthy.  The moist feast is a good one to use, pallets are awesome too.

They do have a little mouth in between them, you normally don't see it because all the little tentacles are flowing over. But if you drop some little pellets on op them, it will actually grab that and bring them in and eat. They seem to really grow whenever you do that.

Origin: They come from Australia and Indonesia area. They also are aquaculture, most of the time people are growing them.

Venomous: They definitely sting your other corals. They are very bad about doing it. Those little tentacles on them can stretch really far. You surely want to put them not near anything. 

Even though they are cousins to Frogspwan and Hammer, but they will still sting the fire out. So, you definitely want to make sure not to put them together, you want to put them somewhere open and it can fling its little tentacles around. Because it does not have a problem is messing with other corals.

Placement: You want to keep it somewhere open. A lot of times you will see online people saying to put them in the bottom. They will do actually do great anywhere in the tank. In the middle is where they will thrive best. They get really good with the current blowing on them.

Current: You definitely want some good current blowing on them to blow them around, blow their tentacles around. So, medium to high would be perfect, it definitely wants itself to get moving. 

If you see it shrinking than maybe it is a little bit too strong for them, but you definitely put some current on them.

Tank Size: It really does not matter, you just want to make sure that you are doing the water changes, and most important is to keep your calcium and dKH up. Make sure it can grow bigger and stronger.


Sometimes you will see brown stringy stuff coming out of them. This is a point where you can notice that they are about to split, they tend to shrink up their tentacles and that little brown string will start to come out. And then normally within the next week, it will have two new heads of torch Corals.

Brown-Jelly disease

Make sure that you don't get this mixed with 'brown-jelly' disease. Do some research on that because that is actually way different, that means that they are hurt and they need some reef dip or something immediately. But if it is just a little shrinking on the tentacles and a little bit of this brown string coming out, you can expect that they are about to split really soon.

You are good to go

Just make sure to give them some room, because they will sting the fire out of anything, they get near those tentacles start touching some other stuff. But other than that good lightning good water flow on them and then you will be good to go with the Torch Coral



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