Top 5 fishes for your 5-gallon aquarium

Let's see what are the top 5 fishes that will fill your 5-gallon aquarium with life. 

Dwarf Pea Puffer (Cariotetraodon travancoricus)

These are the tiny carnivore fishes that would definitely take out the snails from your tank. They will eat worms, they will attack shrimps. 

They look super cool they get about an inch, if the environments of your aquarium are really good then maybe an inch and a half. It also depends on how much you are feeding them.

In the stores, you will see groups of them in a single tank and they do not tear each other apart. But it is recommended to keep 1 for every 5-gallon aquarium. Just a single specimen.

If you have a much larger aquarium, you can do more. But it is kind of a 1 little pet on your desk or something like that.

Live black worm is a great food for them. Just do not put them with other stuff in close space, they tend to get nippy.

Rosy Loach (Tuberoschistura Arakanewsis)

These little guys just look brown and plain. That is what they look like in the store, but the males color up really nicely. They only get about 2-inches and they are great scavenger in your 5-gallon aquarium.

You can even breed them in the 5-gallon tank. Females have spotted bodies while the males turn in an orangish, reddish color. They are just cool little scavenger to have. This is one of the hardest things to find, something that stays down low and that'd be interesting to watch, and potentially breed. 

So, in a nutshell, you would love the Rosy Loach.

Neon Green Tetra (Patacheirodon Simulans)

A lot of people say, "Hey, they look just like a neon tetras". Well, yes, they kind of do but they have definitely got more of green color, and you can see that color going from head to tail.

The good thing is that they get only about an inch and a half. So, in the 5-gallon you can keep a group of 5 or 6, you will get a lot of colors from all the way across the room.

You plant it up a little bit, you feed them so good, high-quality food. Then you should be able to sustain them, no problem.

Maybe you mix them with some of those Rosy Loaches, and you will be having a little team to throw in like a Ram's horn snail. You got yourself a little ecosystem on a desk or in your house somewhere and it will be enjoyable.

Golden White Cloud (Tanichthys Albonibes)

Now, they might not look too cool, but they have got blue eyes, red fins, and a golden body. And on top of that when they start breeding,  the males display to each other and it is that behavior which makes them a super cool fish.

They are super cheap, you can get them for $3 each. They do not have to be heated which is nice. They can handle almost any pH, almost any hardness, they will eat almost anything. And they are really, hardy fish.

They are extinct in the wild, so with you keeping and breeding these, you are helping them keep going in the hobby, which is just an extra perk. 

The normal white clouds have a kind of bronzy color, males are more cylindrical and usually have more colors. The females are bigger cause they are carrying eggs and usually a little more yellow for the anal fin for the male as well.

These are underrated fish, you should get some. Whether it is a 5-gallon or a bigger tank.

Scarlet Badis (Dario Dario)

They are kind of like having a tiny cichlid. They only get about an inch and a quarter. They are really territorial, so it is recommended to keep just 1 in a 5-gallon. You can mix them with most of the other fish on this list except the pea puffer.

So, this is sort of your showpiece fish, if you want that one fish that looks cool and has a personality also along with my other tiny fish in my 5-gallon tank. Then my friends this is the fish for you.

The downfall for these fishes is that when you get them usually they just want to eat live food, you need to live blackworms, live brine shrimps, something like that. You can eventually, get them onto dry food but you will have to feed them the live food for more than 6 months or so.

But, the best part is that they look cool.

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