Top 5 Fastest Growing SPS Corals

Though SPS corals are believed to be very difficult to keep, in the right conditions, they can grow very fast indeed. Want to fill your tank with the fastest growing SPS corals, stay tuned till the end:

5. Staghorn Acropora

Staghorn Acrapor is the general term used for a type of Acraporas with thick branches that spread out in a loose growing pattern. In the wild, you'll see the entire reef crest covered in these corals, and if you want to keep one in your aquarium, the only thing it will need more than space is regular haircuts. 

Because the branches are nicely spaced out, they are also great hiding or resting places for certain fish.

4. Plating Montiporas

The most common types are the red, green, and purple plate, but there is some much more attractive colors variant in the market.

One thing that may attract you to these corals is that they can form an awesome up with spiraling patterns. But more often than not, you will find that it will just grow into a giant slab. It an incredible choice for the first SPS coral, and because it grows so fast it is also dirt cheap, so you would not have to pay more for the frags of the common colors.

3. Stylophora

This coral grows in a much more predictable pattern than Montipora and should end up resembling a brain or child's drawing of a tree.

Making a Stylophora garden is easy enough s you can get different color variants. Most of the reefers prefer to keep the green, pink, and rainbow-colored variety of this coral. Just don't expect them to show their best color unless your water quality is on point.

Now, these are the more difficult corals to frag on this list, which means that keeping its rapid growth in check can be difficult. Its branches grow close and don't extend out far beyond the pace so getting a pair of coral cutters introduced a bonsai work can be a little challenging.

So, giving some thought to placement is a good idea and you don't want to put it into one of the most inaccessible parts of your tank.

2. Branching Montipora

There are plenty of varieties of Branching Montiporas. While these corals will spread quickly, they are fairly easy to trim back and they don't tend to lay down a large base on their rock. So, if it gets carried away you can just offer it a few bits and give it to your reefing buddies.

These Corals tend to flash really bright under blue LED lights and the Forest fire Monitpora can grow red polyps with green skin for a really cool look.

1. Bird's Nest

There are many species of this coral that all do grow quite the same. They all grow more or less upright without giving many thoughts to water laying down their base in rock work. They all also have fairly thin branches, and while these traits mean that they will grow very quickly, they also make for a very brittle coral, but the good thing is that it also grows new branches very soon, so you don't need to worry for most of the part.


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