Threadfin Anthias/ Hutchtii Anthias: complete care guide

Threadfin Anthias

In this article, we will be learning about the Threadfin Anthias also popular as the Hutchtii Anthias. This is a very pretty and popular fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby mainly because of its gorgeous looks.

General Information

PRICES: Prices on them will vary depending upon the area you are living in, normally you can get them for about $30-$60 for one fish.

TANK SIZE: They do a lot better in the bigger tank so it is recommended to keep them in somethings about 120-gallon. This gives them plenty of room to swim around because they are such active swimmers and they tend to live much longer whenever they are in a big tank like that.

CARE LEVEL: Moderate, they are some very specific things on taking care of Anthias that we will discuss further in this article.

TEMPERAMENT: They can be semi-aggressive but not really towards other fish, they are aggressive only towards their own kind. You will see them chasing each other all the time in their own little group but never other fishes in the tank.

REEF COMPATIBILITY: They do pretty great in reef tanks. They are from Indonesia so they are found in the coral reefs, giving them a place they are used to will definitely help the longevity of this fish.

Water Parameter

TEMPERATURE: You want to keep this fish somewhere between 72-78.

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1.020-1.025


MAXIMUM SIZE: They can get about 5-inches which is a pretty good size fish, especially when you have a group of them, you have got three full-grown Anthias swimming around your tank, you got some big fish.

COLORS: Colors on the males will always be a lot brighter and a lot prettier. So, in case you want to know which one is the male and which one is female, then you know how to spot them out. Their body is of light yellow color and they have a very dominant red line going down their eye with some really pretty blue accent. On males, the blue accent is far more dominant than females. 

DIET: They are a carnivore, this is the hardest thing about Anthias. They don't long enough and this is mainly because of their diet. They like to eat a small amount multiple times a day.

To keep them in their best color you need to feed them three times a day, which can be very tough for people who are working. The other way is getting an automatic fish feeder to dump some food in the tank. So, if you are not capable, you have to feed them at least two times a day.

Another trick is to raise pods in the tank. Pods are a really good food source for them to run around and chase while you are out, they can eat those then and when you are back you can dump some food in there for them to eat.

They love Mysis and Brine shrimps mostly the live frozen foods are their favourite. You can eventually get them to eat flake and pellet but it takes time.

ORIGIN: They do come from Indonesia. They are always found in the reefs over there.

COMPATIBILITY: Normally you can put them with any kind of fish. But putting them in a group tend to be the best, three Anthias is normally considered great. They do well with just one male and a bunch of females because with multiple males in the group they will eventually fight each other to try to be the leader of the group.

The best tank for your Anthias

They are hermaphrodites, so if the male was to die the largest female will actually morph into the male, so the strongest female will get onto the male and become the leader of the group. 

They tend to do better in darker tanks. Normally if you have a really bright tank for your reef, then it is also good to have a really dense rock work so they can be swimming through the caves and have plenty of places to hide. At night you will notice they can get up in the little crevices to feel safe. They definitely need a lot of space for them to run around in and feel comfortable



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