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  • Sep 02, 2016
  • PalaciosAn
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Ok, so first of all I would like to Thank Everyone who has helped so far. Everyone feedback has been a lot of help, we added a new chat tool you can see it at the bottom right side of the site. If it is active, it means I am online, so if you have any questions or would like to provide your feedback or just want to say hi, hit me up. If I am not online, feel free to leave me a message I read all of them, I would love to hear what you think of the site.

So the people who know me know, I have been excited about this project for quite some time and now that it is all starting to come together it is so exciting and this is only the start of the project. I have so many more plans for the site, in the end, I hope the site is something everyone can enjoy and the entire hobby finds as a benefit.


So we just released a few updates, Tanks Facts is version 0.15


Here is what's new:

  • We updated the WYSIWYG used for writing articles, I think everyone seems to feel like the new WYSIWYG  is much better and makes it very easy to write articles. We tried to simplify it as much as possible while still allowing as much flexibility as possible. I think in the end it is a good balance between the two.

  • All of the fields that have a limitation of characters, we added a character count. 

  • Tank profile now supports multiple pictures, you can also choose which picture you want to use for the tank profile image.

  • User alias option, so now you do not have to display your name anymore. If you want to display an alias you can. Go to My Tanks and then click the Gear icon. Change the alias name to what you want it to be and select the option "Show alias instead of my real name".

  • Tank profiles can be seen by users who are not logged in and article profiles point to your My Tanks profile page so everyone can see the different tanks you have or have had.

  • Saltwater fish Reef Safe statistic is now a percentage so that you can see how likely a fish will be reef safe. Keep an eye on how many users have claimed a fish before truly trusting the statistics. I imagine it will need about 100 claims before the statistics will be trustworthy.

  • Added a bunch of administration additions to make my life easier.

  • Fixed random bugs that were reported as well as little issues.

So I ran around last weekend on an LFS Crawl, with my camera trying to go around and take a few pictures to help kick start the database. I am not the best photographer so if you have a better picture then what I have listed, upload it! The picture with the most likes will be the picture that is used for the species profile.

Also, I don't know much about freshwater so the freshwater section may be lacking some, I know there are plenty of freshwater peeps out there so feel free to show me some love and help me build up the database for freshwater.

I am going to hold off on any new enhancements for a couple of weeks to try to work out any bugs that may come up within the next few days and also get everyone's feedback. 

So next, I am going to focus on building out the following:

  • Adding a plant to the database

  • Creating a please ID section, where people can up a picture and users can identify what it is.

  • A better water parameter system that will allow historical data and charting to show trends.


What do you think about the future projects I plan to integrate into the site? Leave your comments down below or click on the chat option at the bottom right.


Have a good one, and thanks for taking a look at the project


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