The one/two/three that got away

So I have to move my biocube tank, so I figured this would be a good time to upgrade my biocube into something that can keep my interest and give my corals some breathing room.

I did not want to buy anything new how I knew it was going to be a temporary setup and every dollar I spend on it is a dollar that I will have to earn to get the custom setup I wanted.

So I find an old Red Sea 250 all in one tank with built-in T5 lights, he wanted $350 for it, so I jumped all over it. Well, two days before I was supposed to get it he tells me that I can't pick it up for five weeks because he is out of town. But now I have new tank, and I am itching to get another tank so I start hunting to see if I can find a small peninsula setup for cheap.

I was about to give up on my search when I stumble upon a 340-gallon acrylic peninsula tank with the sump (no stand) for $350, it needed to be buffed, but I could deal with it. I contact the seller, turns out he is waiting for it to be picked up, I tell him I will leave work now to come to get it if they do not show up, so I am second in line for the tank, but it was picked up. Darn.

At this point I want another tank, I start looking harder, I start looking in nearby towns (3-5 hours away) and have now recruited my sister In-Law to help e find a tank. We see a euro braced hybrid 220-gallon peninsula aquarium. Originally listed for $800 (good deal) and was reduced after two weeks to $600 great deal. They just bumped the post three days ago, contact them, and it sold the day before. Noooo

OK, so at this point, I stopped looking today will continue soon but I could only take so much disappointment in one day.

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I got into the aquarium hobby in 2004 after I went diving for the first time I knew I wanted a small piece of the ocean nearby to admire at home. I have a tech background, so I enjoy gadgets and automation. I plan to do a planted freshwater tank and play


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