Pea Puffer V/S Sparkling Gourami: Which One Is Better?

A lot of people want to know that what type of fish can they have as a centerpiece fish in a nano-tank. Well, two of the most eminent options in the market for this specific purpose are Pea Puffer and Sparkling Gourami. But, which one should you choose?

So, here is a head-on comparison of both the exquisite fish to help you pick your favorite one:


1. Size

Both the Pea Puffer and Sparkling Gourami are rough of the same sizes. So, if you have got a smaller tank, maybe a 5-gallon or above, these can be a great fish.

They are gonna grown at max to an inch and a half. So, in terms of size, you will not be able to see a big difference between these little creatures.

2. Activity Level

When it comes to activity level, both of these fishes are relatively the same. They both like to stay in a standard little position and then just hover around, and will also go through little spurts of energy across the tank.

3. Stocking

Another thing, to consider with both of the fishes is stocking. If you are going to keep them, it is best, especially if you have only a 5-gallon or so to just home one. This can be an incredible centerpiece fish with some personality. As they go into the larger tanks like 10-gallon or 20-gallon now you can begin to think about keeping multiples.

But for both of these fish, it is best if you only keep one male or multiple females or just keep females. This will keep the aggression down in the tank. Thought to see fresh aren't aggressive towards other fish you just want to make sure that the fish you are stocking are appropriate for your pea puffer or your sparkling Gourami.

4. Tankmates

If you are considering tankmates, then for both of these fishes you must want to have fish that are a little bit less active and not going to stress out either your sparkling Gourami or your pea puffer because they do tend to move a little bit slower.

Another similarity between these two is the way they inhabit the tank. They swim at the top, bottom, and middle of the tank. They like to cover all areas of the tank, from the bottom to the top. But the Sparkling Gouramis like to spend their time a little bit more on the upper section of the tank.

5. Water Parameter

Water Parameter for both of these fishes is the same as you will find for most of the fishes in the hobby.

  • pH:7-8
  • General and Carbonate Hardness:10-12

6. Aquascape

You can keep both of these fishes in a heavily planted tank because they can have a lot of moments of shyness and they like to chill out and hide in the dense vegetation of the tank.

So, you can give them a lot of open space to move around along with plants and decorations to hide in. You like to have some floating plant from the Gouramis because they like to hang out in those upper levels of the tank more often.

Also, keep in mind that neither fishes don't like heavy flow. So, choose a filter that can keep the water flow in control.


The very key differences between these two little wet pets are:

1. Personality

Pea Puffer wins hand down almost against any fish for personality, especially for its little size. With the little googly eyes that go in different directions and whenever you pass by the tank, these little fish will get super excited.

But when it comes to the Sparkling Gouramis, they care much more about their clan than their owner, which is one drawback of having Sparkling Gouramins over Pea Puffer.

2. Looks

Likewise, Sparkling Gouramis are a winner for most of the hobbyist with the interesting color and beautiful body, something that the pea puffer lack.

3. Eating Habit

Both of the fish seat very different things. The Pea Puffer eat snails, a lot of people can get away with frozen food, but it is most of the pea puffers will eat exclusively snails.

Whereas the Sparkling Gouramis will eat generally anything. From flake food to frozen food, these fishes are anything but choosy about their food.

4. Breeding

At some point, you might want to breed any one of these fishes, then you should know that Gouramis are a little easier to breed in comparison with the Pea Puffers.

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