Just Another Robotic Glass Cleaner, or is it

  • Aug 18, 2016
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So imagine a Roomba vacuum with a camera underneath it. Well, that does not sound that attractive but now imagine that same Roomba cleaning your aquarium, now that sounds kind of cool.

I have to admit, I have always wanted one of the robotic tank cleaners but I told myself to hold off and see if the company is around a year later or see how many issues they have year one, before buying one.

The MOAI Q may have something worth jumping into right away, not only does it clean your tank (or maybe it does not clean that well), you can also use your phone to navigate your tank and take pictures or watch a live feed of your aquarium. That right they turned your aquarium into a video game :) 

So MOAI claims the Q uses adaptive mapping ultrasound technology to go back and forth to clean your tank, once it is done it automatically goes back to its docking station. You can start, pause or change the cleaning schedule from anywhere you have internet access.

More importantly, you can access a 24/7 live feed and snap some pictures and take HD 1080p videos that will make your friends  jealous.

So will your jumbo tank work for this bad boy? The supported glass thickness is 10 mm (0.39") - 15 mm (0.59"), the max size tank has to be measured from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The max size supported is 3,000 mm (120"). It's good for Fresh and Saltwater tanks.

MOAI Q retails for $299 but if you sign up for their newsletter you can get an offer so that in September 2016 when it launches you can get it for $100. $199 its the same price as a drop cam so its like getting a Robotic cleaner for free. I am trying to sell it to my wife so go along with that story ok.

Source [MOAI]

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