How Can Air Stones Help Your Fishes Breathe?

Humans are terrestrial beings, so we don't have to think about breathing. What we sometimes forget is that our fishes are also animals that require oxygen. Just because they are underwater doesn't mean they still don't need air to breathe. 

How do Fishes Breathe?

Fishes have organs called gills that are able to extract oxygen from the air column, allowing them to function as animals. There are ways to make sure that your aquarium has adequate oxygen so you can use things like surface agitation

Surface agitation allows gas exchange that allows gases in the atmosphere to go into the water columns. When you have that agitation from the winds or the currents in an aquarium, it can be powered or an overflow; it allows gas exchange. There have been studies that show certain types of agitation, or air stones, add more dissolved agitation in the water.

That's why you want to make sure your tank water is oxygenated. 

How Can Airstone Help?

In case of air filters or powerheads fail, air stones can provide your fish with the much-needed oxygen in the tank. This way, regardless of whether the canister filter is on or off, there will always be a secondary system that is pumping air into the tank. 

But, nonetheless, always double check your filters are turned on, especially in an overcrowded situation. Having a venturi on the canister filter will also help. And add an airstone to your tank. In the end, it will help ensure adequate aeration in your water, especially if its an overstocked tank. 


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