FOWLR Tanks - Fish Only With Live Rock Saltwater Tanks

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear saltwater aquariums? Of course, most of you will be thinking of a beautiful reef tank. But there's more to saltwater aquariums than just reef tanks. The whole other realm of saltwater tanks is fowlr tanks.

Fowlr Tank Fish Guide

If you are keeping a fowlr tank, you don't have to worry about many pieces of equipment that you would have on a reef tank. Things like fancy high-end lighting and media reactors are not needed.

Here, it would be best to worry about a good skimmer and filtration since most fish in the tank would be messy eaters. Here are some great fish options for your fowlr tank:

Puffer Fish

These fishes have a fantastic personality, like underwater dogs that will follow your back and forth across the tank, and they may even spit water at you when hungry.

Trigger Fish

You can keep various Triggerfish species in a fowlr tank, including the Undulated, Bursa, and Huma triggers.


If you want to keep Angels like the Koran and the French Angles, you must have a fowlr tank because they are not reef safe. 

Box Fish

You can keep Cubicus or the Longhorn Cowfish.

Butterfly Fish

Fishes like the Pearlscale, Spotfin, and Racoon are perfect for fowlr tanks.


A whole group of wrasses is unsafe for reef and must be kept in the Fowlr tank. They include Twin spot, Fermosa, and Lyretail Wrasses.


The fishes like Colored Filefish and Tassel Filefish make an excellent addition to any Fowlr tank.


They are a great fit but will eat anything that fits into their mouth; therefore better suited for Fowlr tanks.


These are not your cleanup crew crabs but the oddball species. It includes Red Hairy Hermits or Decorator crabs. They are fascinating to watch but not reef safe. 

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