All About the Frogspawn Euphyllia Coral

This article teaches about frogspawn coral, which comes in various colors and variations. 

Prices: It charges between $45 and $60 per head. 

Tank Size: It doesn't matter. These corals can thrive even in Nano tanks up to massive reefs. As long as you keep the levels in check and your nutrition level right, you'll be spot on.

Care Level: Moderate. This is the next level of coral, which is always recommended to beginners who want to move to the next step. It's easy and relatively hardy, and it'll also allow them to open up new tools like keeping track of certain levels and feeding them in certain ways that just kind of make them better in the hobby overall. 

Temprament: Semi-aggresive. Those tentacles can swing and sweep out surrounding corals, and some Frongspawns can stretch them far out. Make sure you give them plenty of room between other corals; otherwise, you will have some chemical warfare in the tank.

They'll not overtake quickly. But, with them branching out the way they do, they'll cast a shadow on what's below them. So, be cautious of where you put them, expect them to branch out, and don't put anything below them that will need light. 

Being a Euyphillia coral, you can usually put them in other corals of the same genes, like Hammers. However, for torch corals, it's not the best option. 

They will propagate by growing a second mouth on the existing head and will eventually span off with their own branch over time. One thing to keep in mind is where the entire head of the LPS coral will release itself from the branch entirely. This is their last resort to surviving bad tank conditions or stress. So, if you notice your Frogspawn doing it, test your water and check for surrounding corals to find the issue and nail down exactly what is going on.

Water Parameter

Temperature: 72 to 78 is good.

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

Salinity: 1.020 - 1.025

The current can really depend on the specific Frogspawn you get. Typically a medium to high current give them a really nice look to the eye. 

With LPS, calcium, and KH become really important for the health of the coral and their skeleton. So keep calcium up (420) and your KH at least 10. If the heads are still staying shrunk up, check your water level and flow. 


Anywhere. They enjoy a stable tank condition, no matter where you put them. So, if you notice that they are staying shrunk up and at the very top, maybe the coral does not like how high the lights are hitting it. Maybe move it down a bit. 

The lighting can be darker for this coral. As low as 30 PAR. You can also go higher in order to really see that neon green and purple pop in the tank. But stay below 150 PAR, and they will thrive.  


The Frogspawn is a photo-synthetic coral. So it'll be feeding off the lights all throughout the day, but you can also spot-feed the corals for the growth to continue and just keep the overall health up. 

You can keep the powerheads off and sprinkle pellets over them, and they'll grab the pellets with their tentacles and eat. You can also feed them liquid food through the Powerhead. 


For fragging, the best thing to do is to have a pair of scissors on hand. You can cut the branches off at the bottom. It's really easy, and it's a great one for beginners. 

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