10 Fishes that should not be in aquarium-hobby!!


Fishkeeping is an amazing hobby. But unfortunately, some fish must not be kept in aquariums. On this list the fish talked about should not be kept in the aquarium because the majority of people that buy them are ill-equipped to keep them. This leads to a miserable life for the fish and most likely an early death. These are the fish that must be kept by advanced fish keepers because they are the ones that are dedicated enough to ensure that the fish's needs are meet and in most cases, the tank is big enough to support it.

So, here is the list of 10 fishes that should not be in aquarium-hobby:

Silver Arowana:

The overwhelming majority of people that buy this fish have no idea of how big they get and how destructive that can be. Silver Arowana are form the amazon and in the wild these fishes can get up to 4 feet long. This big is not usually found in the aquarium but about 3 feet in the aquarium. Another reason why Arowana’s must not be kept in the aquarium is that because they are big-time jumpers. There are videos on YouTube of these fishes jumping completely out of the water to snipe an insect off a branch. They coil up like a snake and they strike, which is unbelievable in the aquarium lid. Arowana is majestic fish, they are fascinating to watch but most people don’t have an aquarium big enough to fit these fish or lids big enough to contain them.



The Pacu is the fish that a lot of people get confused with Piranhas, even if they are related or look very similar when they are small they couldn’t any more different. Piranhas are illegal in many states and the reason is pretty obvious. Piranhas are schooling fish and they will terrorize anything you put in the tank with them. Pacu is much more common and when people see them they think they are Piranhas. When they are small, they are cute but when they grow up they are jaundice. Pacu is not destructive or aggressive as a Piranha. The reason for them being on the list is because of how large they grow. They can get as large as 3 feet and even ninety pounds. Many fish keepers are not well equipped to keep them. If you are not planning to move them into a large pond or a tank with several hundred gallons then you might not want them.


The Common Pleco:

The common plastomes are bought by most of the people because to clear-up algae in the tank, but most of them have no idea of what these fishes are going to turn into. The truth is that there are Pleco that will be fine in smaller aquariums and they will help with algae control, but the common Pleco is not one of them. These fishes can get up to 24 inches. Therefore these fishes are one that must be off your list until you are well-equipped to keep them; otherwise in the end it can have disastrous effects.



Lion fishes are beautiful and amazing fish, they look like they are from another planet. But there is more to them than their cool looks. With lionfish the problem is much more serious than their size, they can send you to the hospital. Lionfish have venomous spines all over them that can ruin your day if you ever touch them. Although there has never been anyone being killed by lionfish there are some crazy stories.



Arapaima is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. Arapaima can get from 8-13 feet long in the wild. Most backyard swimming pools cannot accommodate one of these beasts. So such a fish is not made for home aquariums.


Tiger Shovelnose Catfish:

This is another fish that new fish keepers find very attractive. They caught up in their stunning appearance. But most of them don’t realize how big they get. Tiger Shovelnose will eat anything that they can get in their mouth and that’s why they grow so fast. They can get up to 12-14 inches in the very first year. When they reach their full growth potential they can get up to 3 feet long. Another reason is that they cannot be very fun because swim around the reason being the small size of the tank plus they are nocturnal.


Redtail Catfish:


The Redtail Catfish is one of those fish that most of the people find very cute, but having no idea how huge these little cute creatures can get. Forget about the length of these fishes, they can get up to 350 Pounds. If there’s a fish that has the potential of growing 350 pounds than it has no business to do in your little glass box, in your living room.

Glo Fish: 

Glo fish are made to specifically attract kids. Most of the parents buy this for their kids and let the kid take care of that. Glo fish needs a lot of care, so if you can't take care of it then it would be better don't have one.



A few time back snakeheads were a big thing but most of the states have already banned this fish. This is a long fish that has a head like a snake, hence the name. In the ’90s and early 2000s, you cannot turn on the news without hearing about the deadly snakehead invasion that was destroying the world. This fish can survive out of the water a little bit and the way they are squirming on the land makes it look like they are going somewhere. So pay close attention to the fish you are buying if you don’t have a system in place that can house that fish for its entire life just stay away from it. Too many bad things can happen.



There is no doubt that goldfish are the most mistreated fish in the aquarium hobby. Goldfish have been used as thrown away fish for as long as there’s been an aquarium industry. You see these gorgeous goldfish with beautiful fins and they come in different colors, orange and white, and more. They have googly eyes and some of them so unique you might think how can they be mistreated. But the truth is that they are badly mistreated. If one is going to throw them away then it is good for the fish to be in the stores.

There must not be anyone offended. There might be some people having these fishes in their aquarium. The main motive behind this video was to tell that we all need to do what’s right by these fish. You need to do your research. We need to have a system in place that can house these fish forever not just temporary.

These are living creatures we should make sure that we do what’s right by them!

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