To update a species (fish, invertebrate or coral) page you must first create a free account on Tank Facts. When you log in and visit a species page located on the top right side of the page there will be an edit page button. All members new and existing are able to contribute to a species profile page, once your changes have been submitted then will enter an approval queue. Until the changes have been approved they will not show publicly.

We would like everyone to contribute to each of the species profile pages. While profile page must be approved and not all change will be approved. If what you want to contribute is based on limited experiences it may be better to write a story/blog and tag the species so that it shows at the bottom of the species page. To write an article visit My Tank in the main Navigation.

By claiming a species you are able to create a complete aquarium profile page. As you update your water logs it also updates each of the species pages that you have claimed, it looks at the water parameters that you have entered and builds a custom profile page based off of all of the aquariums that have claimed the species.

Each species, if you click on the image will show you a gallery view of the images available for that section.

On a species page, you can click the image and flip through all of the species the images. A start icon above a species image indicates a multi-species image gallery.

By default, the images will be sorted by the most amount of likes. Large galleries that how multiple species will give you the options to change the sort order by most liked to newly added.

Tank Facts does not use static profile data, we look at all of the users who have claimed the species and look at each of the aquariums water logs to determine the correct species data. 

With that said we do show how many aquariums have claimed a species so that users can determine if they want to use that data provided. the more aquariums that have claimed a species the more accurate the data will be.

Tank Facts was set up so that everyone can contribute to a species profile. If you see something that is not accurate or a mistake, to make changes, you must create a free account and while you are logged into the site visit the species page that needs to be modified and there should be an Edit Page button located on the top right side of the species page, click it make the desired changes and save.

All changes must be approved, so once you make the changes and save them you may not see your changes on the live site. An admin will review and research the changes prior to approving them. Once the changes have been approved the changes will show on the live site.