How to take care of your Red Cherry Shrimps

So, you are thinking about getting Red Cherry Shrimps but you are not sure how to take care of them. Then you are in the right place. Here we are going to be covering everything that you need to know about Cherry Shrimp.

Keeping a Cherry Shrimp is fairly easy for a dedicated aquarium hobbyist. Red Cherry Shrimp can be kept in the aquarium as long as there are safe parameters and harmful elements. Probably one of the most important things about keeping them in nutrition. You are going to need high-quality food that is going to help them to molt easily. 


Cherry Shrimp Water parameters

You can not stress a stable aquarium when it comes to cherry shrimp. Good filtration and frequent water changes help them aid and also in keeping the water parameters stable. 

Since Cherries are of small size, a sponge filter or an intake filter with a sponge kept over is recommended. Due to Red Cherry doesn't create much waste, water changes of 20% a month are all that is needed to keep them cherish and healthy. 

The Red Cherry shrimp likes ph 6-7.6 and temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit  (15-26 celsius)


Harmful Elements in the Tank

There are a few elements that are commonly found in the aquarium that are very harmful to your little Cherries. Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrates are very harmful. A cycled and well-maintained filtration system will eliminate them. 

Nitrate is a byproduct, as the filter eliminating ammonia and nitrite whose density depends on water changing schedules. The aquatic plants use nitrate as a source of nitrogen and help reduce this element in the water column. 

While aquatic plants are good for helping to eliminate nitrates, other fertilizers used to maintain plants can kill Red Cherry Shrimps. Many aquatic plant fertilizers contain a trace amount of copper. So, it is not recommended to dose fertilizers in the tank which contains Red Cherry shrimps.


Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates

A peaceful community aquarium containing only small fishes are considered to be a good home for Red Cherry Shrimps. Some recommended tank mates consist of 



Red Cherry shrimps should never be put in a tank with other near Caridina species to avoid breeding. That can be kept with Caridina species, such as Ammonia shrimp and crystal red shrimp.

Red Cherry shrimps are an awesome beginner species. It is highly recommended for anyone that is just starting in the aquarium hobby. Red Cherry shrimp naturally breed by themselves. So, it is likely that within a couple of months you will be having hundreds of cherry shrimps in your tank.

The water parameter is vital to have a successful cherry shrimp aquarium. Make sure your pH and Temperature does not swing. It is very important as the key to successfully keeping them.

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