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Live coral: "TOXIC GREEN" Candy Cane Trumpet LPS Coral - 2 Head/Polyp Coral Frag SaltWater

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⬇PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING⬇ (CORAL INFO) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common Names: "TOXIC GREEN" Candy Cane Coral / Trumpet Coral / LPS (Large Polyp Stony) Coral Care Level: Beginner / Easy Frag Size: 2 Heads or Polyps Lighting: Low to moderate Water Flow: Low to moderate Aggression Level: Peaceful Suitable Tank Size: Nano to large Color: Neon Green (varies w/ lighting & conditions) Natural location: Generally sheltered, shallow-water, sandy substrate Compatibility: Very compatible with other Euphyllia species (torch, frogspawn, etc.) (CARE) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Care Level: The Candy Cane coral is a hardy, relatively easy coral to care for. They prefer low-to-moderate water flow as well as low-to-moderate light intensity, and tend to grow best, like most coral species, when routinely fed. Placement: Finding the perfect place in your tank to locate and care for your Candy cane coral is an important decision. The first rule of thumb, when it comes to placement, is to initially acclimate your coral to conditions that are similar to where it just came from. Step two is to gradually improve the conditions, if necessary, towards optimal conditions for growth and success. This LPS coral generally does best when placed lower down in the aquarium, placed on the sandy substrate, if you have one. They require medium lighting or lower, so they are best placed outside of the white-hot intense lighting, on the outer rim of the lighting. The placement, and relative lighting in the tank at that spot, should also not dramatically impact their coloration like it does with some other stony corals. One final thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to be constantly moving your corals around. The advice given here about gradually moving your coral to the perfect location is intended to apply when first introducing the coral to your system. It is typically best to let a “happy” coral be. Moving them around too much can create additional stress. (Disclaimer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corals in the pictures are not WYSEWYG, photos were made under different lighting (blue or white lights) & in different tanks (our show of frag tanks). You will get coral size as described, shape and color could be slightly off due to shipping stress. (SHIPPING TERMS & CONTACT INFO) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100% LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE (or will refund/re-ship)Contact me via eBay Messaging for help regarding products or ordersShipped FedEx Standard Overnight (one business day - deliveries made Monday-Friday)!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME w/ PICTURES IF FOUND DOA !!! (I will replace or re-fund your order)