• Name:

    Round Stingray

  • Family: Urolophidae
  • Species: Stingray
  • Scientific Name: Urolophus sp
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Round Stingray Diet & Nutrition

Difficult to feed at first, this species should be fed squid or live feeder shrimp. Chunks of marine fish, scallops, and squid may be introduced once acclimated. They prefer hunting crustaceans and small fish in reefs and will follow the high tide into shallower, sandy areas.

Most rays can be trained to accept foods such as earthworms, shrimp, squid, clams or pieces of fish from a feeding stick or your hand. Caution when hand-feeding rays; they may accidentally bite your fingers. Avoid feeding large open-water fish such as tuna and swordfish to your stingray, these types of fish contain higher levels of mercury in their tissues which can poison a stingray. 

Should be fed small meals daily, do not overfeed stingrays look at their disk and tail if you start to see the skeletal structure then you should be feeding more.

To stay healthy and grow properly, stingrays need the right amounts of fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals in their diet. For this reason, it is essential to feed a large variety of foods on a regular basis.

Amino acid and vitamin supplements can be added directly to the food before feeding if necessary. Be sure to remove uneaten food from the tank immediately to help prevent stress from poor water quality.

Determining Sex of Round Stingray

At sexual maturity, male rays have external sexual organs called claspers which are visible near the base of the tail. 

Round Stingray are Venomous

Rays are often shy, swimming away when approached. However, when threatened, it will use its venomous tail spine to deliver venom into narrow grooves running lengthwise along the underside of the stinger. The entire structure is covered by a thin layer

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