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Hairy Mushroom

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Fuzzy Green Mushrooms


Most Kept

Orange Florida Recordia

Hairy Mushroom

Red Mushroom Coral

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Coral Species

Tamarind Shroom

Bio Hazard Bounce

Blue Dot Disco

Blue Mushroom

Blue Ricordea

Blue Spot Mushroom

Bright Green Blue Rhodactis

Bullseye Rhodactis

Bullseye Rhodactis Mushroom

Burning Brocade Shroom

CC Alchemy Schoom

CC Aquaculture Lemon Lime Yuma

Confetti Rainbow Yuma

Crossette Inferno Mushroom

Darth Maul Yuma

Dayglo Rhodactis Mushroom

Dipping Dots Ricordea

Dope Yuma Mushroom

Dreamcatcher Shroom

Fire and Ice Rhodactis

Fire Rim Rhodactis

Fireball Rhodactis

Flame Shroom

Forest Fire Mushroom

Fuzzy Green Mushrooms

Godspawn Bounce Shroom

Green Fluorescent Mushroom

Green Mushroom

Green Pacific Flower Ricordea Mushroom

Green Striped Mushroom

Hairy Mushroom

Heartbreaker Shroom

Interstellar Mushrooms

Iron Man Mushroom


Jekyll and Hyde

Kermit the Frog

Kryptonite Mushroom

Kryptonite Rhodactis

Lavender Mushroom

Masterpiece Rhodactis

Oasis Shroom

Orange Ball

Orange Florida Recordia

Orange Ricordea Mushroom

Orange Rim Rhodactis

Orange Spotted Mushroom

Orange Velvet Shroom

Poletti Lineage Jawbreaker

Purple Discosoma Mushroom

Purple Frilly Mushroom

Purple Peony Shroom

Purple with Pink Mouth Ricordea

Radioactive Bounce Mushroom

Rainbow Rhodactis

Rainbow St Thomas Shroom

Raunchy Red Bounce Mushroom

Red Mushroom Coral

Ring of Fire Purple Shroom

Spotted Mushroom

Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

Sunkist Shroom

Super Dope Yuma

Superman Rhodactis

Ultra Turquoise Rhodactis

Volcano Shroom

Yellow Interstellar

Yellow Ricordea