Top 9 Betta Tankmates For Community Fish Tank

Though Betta fish is the crowned king of small tanks, sometimes hobbyists like to keep them in larger tanks too. But, in that case, what other fishes can you keep in there with them? This article is the answer to that question. Here we are going to look at the top 9 Betta Tank Mates for bigger community/planted tanks.

1. Kuhli Loaches

These are bottom-dweller, they are just going to hang out at the lower level of the tank which is a good thing for Bettas because they live to stay on the top. Kuhli Loaches are also going to help clean up the leftover food. This fish looks great, it's not too expensive, hardy lives in the same water parameters, it is a really great fish to have with your Bettas.

2. Tetras

Most of the Tetras including the green-neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, Neon Tetras, and many more Tetra which are basically not fin-nippers are going to be an excellent tankmate option for your Bettas. And if you have got a big tank, you will have room for the school to go back and forth. Also, Tetras are not seen going after Bettas too often till the time they are getting enough food. 

3. Corydoras

Pretty much every type of Corydoras will work out really well just for the same reason as Kohli Loaches because these fishes also are bottom-dwellers, and are also going to eat up a lot of leftovers. But you should just not leave them to feed on the leftover, you will have to offer them some wafers, frozen food so that they get feed really well.

In general, they will add a lot of spice to your tank and will help you in keeping the set up a little bit cleaner.

4. Rasboras

A lot of Rasobras including the Chilli, Exclamation point, Porkchop, etc are a great fit of Betta's tankmates. Avoid using the larger one like the Sicor-tail Rasboras. If you get a group of them in the tank along with your Betta, they will surely level up the activity in the tank.

5. Plecos

Plecastosmu, Otocinluse, Hillstream Loaches, etc are also supers options to be kept the Bettas, but you want to avoid the bigger one for sure. You also choose the fancy varieties like the Leopard Plecos, even the meat-eating one because the need for water parameter is the same. Just make sure that they are getting fed, there are cave structures for them to swim in and out.

6. Norman's Lampeye Killifish

These fish have the bright eye that will look at you from across the tank, they can not go with Bettas in the 10-gallon, but in the 20-gallon tank, and more works out well. It is one of the few types of Killifish that can go with Bettas.

7. Singapore Shrimp/ Vampire Shrimp

They have the fan hands, with which they grab food, which helps them to find food in the water columns. It is fun to watch them eating algae off the sponge filter or plants. 

8. Endler's Livebearers

For livebearers people usually recommend Guppies, but not a lot of people ignore this one. Endlers too have lots of colors on them and unlike Guppies, they are active swimmers. But you should know that the Bettas are going to eat baby Endlers, so when you have got males and females in the same tank with Bettas, the babies will be a great food source for Bettas. The Betta will Chase them down, eat them. It is brutal to see babies gotten eaten, but people who have kept Endlers know the pace at which they breed, it can go from 2 babies to 200 in just not time. So, it is a great way to control overpopulation.

9. Malaysian Trumpet Snails

They go under the gravel, they can get out of the way if the Bettas are bullying them. They are great cleaners but don't mix them with other snail breeds, because Bettas will hunt them down.

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