Top 8 corals for you reef tank

Here is a list of the top 8 corals in the reef-keeping hobby.

Raja Rampage Chalice

This coral will take a while to get going. But after time, it will start to increase. 

It doesn't need intense light or flow. And while green corals are ten a penny in the hobby, the yellow and black eyes combined with the corrugated texture make this LPS coral stand out. 

Pacman Hurlock Acrapora

This coral has a reputation for being a little finicky. But at first, it will grow crazy with beautiful purple and green colors with lovely white growth tips.

Seriatopora Caliendrum

This is one of the most demanding corals in the hobby. This is also known as a bird's nest coral that makes a tremendous first coral in the world of SPS. But while the average green bird's nest can look dull, this is extraordinarily coral and has a lovely close-growing branching pattern that looks much neater.

Rainbow Loom

This is one of the most beautiful coral reef tanks. It needs an average of 350 PAR light and a strong flow and grows fast for an Acropora.

EC Optimus Acropora

The weird thing about this coral is its growth pattern which is typical branching Acropora. This coral will carpet your entire tank and will even start shooting up branches in the proper condition.

Pikachu Acropora

This coral starts to grow faster once it has established a solid base. It's unique since you can't get many yellow Acropora in the tank.

Electric Blue Montipora

Given the size of this coral, you will be forgiven for thinking it was bought recently. This coral will refuse to grow for a long time. However, under the proper condition, it can grow steadily.

Strawberry Shortcake Acropora

This coral might tank a year before it shoots out any growth, and it takes even longer to start properly coloring up. But if left to its own devices and will genuinely pay off.

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