Top 7 tankmates for your Corydoras

Corydoras are a bit of an interesting fish because normally you are not going to suggest tank mates for Corydoras but instead, you are going to use them as tankmates for other fishes.

Corydoras are really good community fish which is kept with a bunch of different types of fish because they stay relatively small, they are also very peaceful and not aggressive at all plus they stay at the bottom of the aquarium. So, they are one of the most commonly found fish in the aquarium.


This contains almost all types of Rainbowfish except for some which get huge. There are amazing little fish which comes in a huge variety of color. They come from the Australian region, they are very peaceful and schooling fish.

When looking for compatibility with the Corydoras, you should go more towards the dwarf neon Rainbowfish, Boseman's Rainbowfish, the Turquoise Rainbowfish; there are tons of variations you can choose from.

Compatibility with Corydoras

  • The best thing about these fish is that they stay at the top of the aquarium, so they are not going to go in the way of Corydoras.
  • They both eat about the same food, so you can chunk flakes in your aquarium and your rainbows will eat it, and then the food is gonna float at the bottom of the aquarium where the Corydoras can have it.
  • One more good thing is that they have relatively similar water conditions, these guys like a bit more of harder water. Corydoras on the other hand like soft water but they can kind of bear with that 7.5 pH range and if you keep both of them in the same water condition you are really going to have a lot of success with these guys.

These are really great fish, you can also easily breed them just chuck a spawning mop in there, and can make a tone of babies.


The cons of having these fish are that they can be relatively expensive and also they are not a super good beginner fish. They are kind of a more intermediate style of fish, beginners should try other fish before this because they are prone to few fluctuations in the water and some of the beginner mistakes that you are destined to make as you start with the hobby.


This too includes all types of Angels. They are an excellent fish to keep because they look absolutely beautiful and secondly they are easy to breed; there is literally no other fish that looks like the Angelfish.

Compatibility with Corydoras

  • These fishes have a very good relationship with the Corydoras.
  • The Corydoras obviously are going to stay at the bottom and angelfish will be staying at the top. They are not gonna really have much to with each other.
  • When you feed you Angelfish they are going to crowd the food which will force the food to sink to the Corydoras and they can clean it up, and they just really work well together.

There are a bunch of different types of Angelfish that you can get. They are not the easiest fish to bread but they can be relatively easy if you get a pair. 

Overall they are very personable fish and they are really good for beginners because they are super hardy fish.


Both the Corys and the Bristelnose work together as a cleanup crew. These guys are notoriously known for going on the surfaces of things in the aquarium and cleaning up like the dust-green algae. 

These fish do not eat all kinds of algae, they are not algae-eating fish. The best thing about these fish is that they keep the glass pretty clean. But the worst thing about these guys is they create a lot of waste.

Compatibility with Corydoras

  • They work together because Corydoras pick up all the bits of food from the bottom which stops them from rotting and the Bristol nose also helps with cleaning up the glass.
  • They are super peaceful.

When this fish gets a little bit older, if they are in pairs they are definitely going to start breeding, so do have caves for them in the tank.


These fish look like super cool shoaling fish they are not cooling fish, they just sit in a group in an aquarium. 

Compatibility with Corydoras

  • They are so tiny so they cannot cause any trouble to your Corydoras
  • They are super cute and go pretty great with the Corydoras.

The cons are that these guys tend to be like the tiniest bit more finicky than your other Danios, but they are very easy to take care of.  If you have a 20-gallon tank then get about 8 of these guys, they will look great and breed easily but they are gonna just be constantly swimming around the aquarium and will provide a really cool display.


Here we are talking about the Dwarf Cichlid from South America.

Compatibility with Corydoras

  • They share the same water as Corydoras. 
  • Since they come from the same part of the world so they have very very similar habitats and care requirements.
  • These fishes are really cool centerpiece fish that have amazing displays with all kinds of you can get.

You can keep a pair of these fish in a 20-gallon aquarium with the little corridors around and they are going to act like puppy dogs in your aquarium.

They can be a little more aggressive but they will not go after your Corydoras.


These are one of the best tankmates for a lot of community tank fish but especially for the corydoras.

They stay really small, there is a ton of variety you can get of these fish with insane colors. you can get one or two males and then like four females and they are going To breed up a storm.

The best thing about these guys is they are not like guppies; super inbred. These guys have fewer issues when they are breeding and a very hardy fish. 

This is also the easiest fish to take care of on this list.


This category consists of neon-tetras and other smaller Tetras.

These fish have an iridescent display on them especially on the green lasers even Bronze and Albinos can have that type of display. They come together and make up a really good display. So if you have a 20-gallon aquarium get like 10 to 15 of these guys and create this beautiful display. A planted aquarium with neons tetra is like a guaranteed good looking display aquarium.

Compatibility with Corydoras

  • They stay at the top of the aquarium so they have nothing to do with the Corydoras.
  • They have a really good relationship with each other.
  • They come from the same part of the world, so the same care requirements

You can get bigger Tetras but there are not a lot of fish that you can keep with small Tetra, but Corydoras are definitely one of the best to go with.

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