Top 5 Reef Safe Fish

In this article, we are going to look at the top 5 reefs of safe fish according to World Wide Corals. So, let's begin:

5. Banggai Cardinalfish

The Banggai Cardinalfish comes from the Banggai islands of Indonesia. They have three black stripes and a silver body with white spots. This fish is very hardy, great for beginners, and peaceful with other fish in the aquarium. They are not shy and will cross the aquarium without harming any invert or corals. Since they are slow swimmers, they are slow to eat as well. So, try to feed them Mysis shrimps or brine invert food a few times a day.

If these fish have paired in your aquarium, there's a good chance that they will spawn over time. So, if they are spawning in your aquarium, check your sump and filter socks, because usually, those are the places where the offspring will be.

They are recommended is a tank of at least 30-gallons, and you can put them in schools in a larger aquarium.

4. Royal Gramma

This attractive bi-color fish is half purple, and half yellow with black accents across the body, and adds a great splash of color to any tank.

It is recommended to keep them as only baskets in a small tank such as 20-30-gallons. They originate from the deeper waters of the Caribbean so make sure to have plenty of live rocks for them to hide throughout the tank.

They will swim and explore the aquarium and surroundings all the time. They should be fed meaty food such as Mysis shrimp or brine shrimp. 

3. Golden Midas Blenny

It is a great addition to any tank with aggressive fish and has a tight-fitting lid. They have a great golden color body with blue rim eyes and can grow up to 6-inches in size.

Originating from Maldives and Africa, you will find them spawning a lot of time. They often stick their head out in search of food. These fish have a unique swimming pattern, almost like an eel as it moves across the tank.

Midas Blenny is a little different from other Blennies and prefers a meaty diet. 

2. Clownfish

Some Clownfish breeds are probably the most popular saltwater fish due to a certain animated movie. In the world they are usually found in shallow water hosting an Anemone, hence the name Anemonefish.

There are various designs and patterns to choose from besides the usual orange body with three white stripes. They are generally very peaceful with other tankmates, but they can be aggressive towards other clownfish. 

Most clownfish including those that are captive bred will host Anemone that's present in the tank or certain other corals that resemble Anemones.

They should be fed two to three times a day with a diet of meaty food, flake food, and pellet food.

(Honorable Mention) Yellow Watchman Goby

It is a very popular fish in the home aquarium. This fun little fish had a bright yellow body with blue spots all over. One of the cool things about the Yellow Watchman goby is they'll pair with Pistol shrimp and create a symbiotic relationship.

Make sure to have plenty of live rocks and sand for them to create a burrow underneath. It will also worth mentioning that it is recommended to have a tight-fitting lid on the tank to prevent them from escaping.

This hardy little fish should be fed a carnivore-bad diet and are very easy to care for. Some people say that they look grumpy with a constant frown.

1. Flame Hawkfish

This fish has a bright red body with dark markings around the eyes and dorsal fin. Just be careful of small nano fish, and shrimps as they might become this fish's snack.

Their diet should include Mysis shrimp and other chopped seafood. It is recommended to keep this fish in a 30-gallon aquarium, and once they have established themselves in the tank, they will swim to the front of the aquarium, expecting to be fed when they see you.

Happy Reefing!


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