Top 10 Most Stunning Zoanthids and Palys

In this video's topic, we will be focusing on zoanthids and palythoa. First and foremost, we are going to discuss the top 10 stunning zoanthids. We are kicking things off with number:

  1. Oompa Loompa Zoanthids: Based on research from the internet about this zoanthid is there are some people pretty interesting morphs within this specific name. Now, when we're talking about different zoanthids, we're talking really about morphs that are in different species. Most of the colorations are just different variations of zoanthids. Now this one is incredibly beautiful, with an orange and green pattern going on; hence there's a lot of different variations of it.

    What I found most stunning about this zoanthid is when it grows up a little bit bigger, and it starts forming a colony, it looks stunning. Now, as far as price-point goes with it, I found it in the medium to high-end range anywhere from $50 to $80, which is per frag. I also found a couple of bargains out there where you could pick this frag up for $30. So, you just got to keep your eyes open for the sales.


  1. Gatorade Zoanthids: Now, I first found these on eye-catching corals, and it caught my eye. There was a very long list of zoanthids there, and this one stopped me for a second just because of coloration. It seemed very, very interesting, the coloration between the reds, the orange, the greens and into the yellows, very interesting. It's not something that you've typically seen, even though there are some very basic colors in the zoanthid. This was an eye-catching coral but knocked my socks off when I found it on the Top Shelf Aquatics website and the coloration under the right lighting. Nonetheless, the Gatorade zoanthid is a showstopper. Now, as far as price-point goes with the zoanthid depending on where you buy it. Obviously, the price is going to change, but I did find this zoanthid online for as little as $7 per pile up, which is pretty impressive considering how stunning this zoanthid is.


  1. Illuminati Zoanthids: This zoanthid got me staring. The first time I saw it a few years ago, I was blown away, but I didn't see just a frag, what I saw was a full colony of the zoanthid, and it is breathtaking. I saw them last year at the Worldwide Coral shop down in Orlando in one of their display tanks, and it's an impressive coral to see in person. It's one that you may want to hit a little bit heavier with those blue athinic lights. It does seem to be very responsive in helping the glow that happens within the zoanthids shine just a little bit more. As far as the price point goes with the Illuminati zoanthid, it does pack a punch. It comes in at $200 full retail. Now I have seen some pretty good deals on this zoanthid from time to time, so you want to make sure that you are staying on the up and up with Worldwide Corals sales.

  1. The Purple Monster Zoanthids: As far as the coloration on this is concerned, you can see it is an beautiful green and purple zoanthid, even though it has a slight hue of blue around the mouth. And it has a gorgeous coral that is filled with a lot of variations within its growth patterns, but still very consistent from company to company. Even though this has the stamp of worldwide corals, you can find it at multiple vendors online. Now, as long as we're talking about multiple vendors, there also seems to be multiple price points, which are very inconsistent with this zoanthid. Now, having found prices up to $200 for a frag of this zoanthid all the way down to $30 to $20 per pile up. It seems that if you do a little bit of shopping around, you could be lucky to get yourself a frag of this zoanthid at a pretty reasonable price.


  1. The Rainbow Incinerator Zoanthids: This is an beautiful zoanthid. It looks like a supernova, almost the way that coloration is throughout the mouth into the body and the skirt. A palythoa of coloration. As far as price point goes with this zoanthid, I did find it relatively high. I found frags anywhere from $100 to $150. But I also found some vendors out there that had some excellent deals on this zoanthid. So, if you're looking to pick this one up, definitely shop around because there are some excellent deals to be found.


  1. Pandora Zoanthids: This is probably one of the most breathtaking zoanthids that you'll ever lay your naked eyes on. I am starting to think that I should have put this one a lot higher in the list, but we'll have to wait and see what else is in this list of the top 10 zoanthids and Palythoas that are most stunning. The coloration on this is just absolutely amazing. Pink skirt bright, bright orange mouth, and there's a little bit of black in there. It’s almost like some speckling. It's just absolutely breathtaking. As far as the price point goes, I did find several different prizes out there up to $80. But if you shop around much like a lot of the other zoanthids that are on this list, you can find some excellent deals. I did find this zoanthid where you can get a frag of it for $14. $80 to $14, it's a pretty good bargain. Shop around and make sure you're picking up the right one.


  1. Adonis Maul Palythoa: This is one of the most electrifying black and red palys on this list. The Adonis Maul comes with a price tag that is not going to knock your socks off because you're not going to be able to afford socks—coming in at one of the heaviest price tags on this list. The Adonis Maul comes at $300 per frag. So, if you've got deep pockets and the ability to grow zoanthids like none other, check out the Adonis Maul.


  1. Princess Leia Zoanthid. This is an absolute showstopper among the zoanthids. It does pack a medium punch with the price tag higher end. It probably ranges from $150 to $200 per frag. But as far as the coloration goes, it's pretty amazing. It has got the blues, pinks, and oranges, which makes it beautiful among the zoanthids. It grows out, and you can frag it and sell it or trade it to your friends for other corals.


  1. AOI Zoanthids: This is the most stunning and happens to be one of the most favorite zoanthids. I have a soft spot for blue zoanthids I don't know what it is about it. You team that up with some very vibrant greens with a little hue of yellow, and you've got yourself an absolute showstopper of zoanthids. As far as the price point is concerned, it does pack a punch. You can find this zoanthid from anywhere up to $200 per frag.


  1. Bloodshot Krakatoa Paly: This zoanthid is ridiculous. It almost doesn't even look like it's real. I googled this zoanthid after finding it on the website, and there are some pretty impressive photos of the zoanthids. It does look a little plush with the colorations, but I assure you there are even the ones that are more stunning. As far as the price point goes, it is a showstopper. It comes in at $300 per frag and absolutely a beautiful zoanthid.

It's also essential that anytime you're talking about zoanthids that you talk about Palytoxins because they are not good. They also have a negative impact on human beings as well as pets. Palytoxin is a toxin, and it can lead you to an emergency if you get enough of it in your bloodstream. Please make sure that you're wearing personal protective gear, anytime that you're handling zoanthids or fragging zoanthids. Anytime that you are handling zoanthids, it's really good to just take a couple of extra precautions by protecting yourself and your loved ones, and zoanthids are beautiful. Still, you need to handle them with caution.


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