TOP 10 Most Popular Freshwater Fish In The Aquarium Hobby!

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, different varieties of freshwater fishes that one can put in their aquarium. They all are unique with amazing colors, shapes, and sizes. Choosing the right fish for your tank is one of the most challenging decisions to make in the store with a variety of beautiful little creatures in the water. 

Here is the list of 10 most popular freshwater aquarium fishes that one should have in their aquarium at least for once


10. Goldfish

Isn't it obvious that the list of most popular freshwater aquarium fish will start with goldfish, what other fish has been in the hobby forever, and so common yet so enjoyable at the same time?

Goldfish have been here forever, and for most of the fishkeeper, goldfish are the first fish that they kept in their aquarium. Their beauty and personality make them undeniably amazing. They are super easy to maintain, which makes them one of the best beginner fish.

Most new fish keepers don't know how big these beautiful creatures can become, though, and unknowingly put them in a tank way smaller for them. Goldfish should be kept in a well-filtered aquarium just like any other fish. 

If you keep these fishes properly, then they would be one of the best fish you ever have.


9. Bettas

Betta fishes are one of the most gorgeous fish and have the sweetest little personality that any fish rarely posses. Unfortunately, exactly like goldfish, Bettas are also not cared for properly. People look at them as easy little fish that they don't have to care for. Most people think that you can just stick them in your tank, and it would make the tank look pretty.

But just like goldfish, Bettas need to be kept in a clean aquarium with proper filtration and a heater. 

These tiny fishes are amazing because they are available in dozens of different colors and varieties. They are small, so you do not need to have a huge aquarium, and they are straightforward to keep, which makes them great for bigger fish keepers. 

Betta fish should be kept in a tank that is at least 5-gallons, don't put them in a tiny aquarium.


8. Guppies

Guppies are one of the perfect fish for the aquarium hobby. The reason behind that is that they are tiny, you can have them in anything from a 100-gallon to 5-gallon tank. They are super easy to keep, breed, and gorgeous. 

Guppies are super fun little fish. They are crazy active all the time, they breed very fast, and above all, they are mesmerizing to watch. For people who have tried fish keeping before and the experience for them have not been very pleasant, they should surely give it another go with guppies. 

Once you have set up the tank, you will love watching them. You will be having dozen of beautiful fish in your tank, and they'll breed crazy for you. It will make you feel like the best fish keeper.


7. Freshwater Sharks

Redtail Shark and Rainbow Sharks are very popular in the hobby. These fishes are territorial, but they eat differently.

Redtail shark is a carnivore and will want a lot of meat, whereas the rainbow shark is opportunistic, it wants algae, it wants some protein as well. 

When one looks at them in the store, they look cute because there are hundreds of them in a single tank. But when you take one home, it will try to rule the entire aquarium. So, while very popular they can be a nuisance.

It would be better if you geat one rainbow or red tail shark per four feet of aquarium length. You do not want to put them in a tank smaller the 30-Gallons, anything smaller will cramp their style, they can get 4-5 inches, and that will be a very beefy shark. But they are super popular, and they are always active so great fish to own.


6. Plecos

Plecos are a staple in the fish keeping hobby because of their uniqueness and their ability to clean algae from unwanted areas in your tank. The thing is when a lot of new fish keepers think of Plecos, they think of the Common Plecostomus, but there is a whole world of plecos that are very different from Common Plecostomus.

These fish comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they are incredibly unique. The Albino Bristlenose looks like an alien in an aquarium, sucking around the glass while the gold Nugget is a black Pleco with bright yellow Polka dots all over its body. Neither of these Plecos gets very big so they can be kept in smaller tanks but not too small. 

The incredible thing is that they look fantastic all will also eat up the algae from your tank. But this is another fish that is grossly mistreated, if one wants these unique little workers, do little research before bringing them home.

WARNING!! The Common Plecostomus gets huge, so unless you plan to put them in a huge tank, just don't get them.


5. Neon/Cardinal Tetras

Neon and Cardinal Tetras are just amazing little fish that goes well with any other fish until the other fish gets too big because the Tetra's stay small they are some times eaten by larger fish.

They always stay small, and that is a good thing because you don't need to have a huge tank, and they are schooling fish. Neon and Cardinals are very similar but yet different. Both of them are red and bluefish, and they look a lot alike, but if you look at them closely, you can see the difference. Neons are blue on the top and front part of their lower body with red on the back. Cardinals are blue on the top and red across the bottom.

It's fun to keep them because they are small and always moving super fast.


4. Angelfish

Angelfish are everywhere, they are super popular, and the reason behind that is they have a cool arrowhead shape and long flowing fins that you can easily recognize from a distance.

Angelfish are relatively easy to keep because they can tolerate a huge range of water parameters, But if you want the absolute best out of your angels keeps them in a minimum of 55-Gallon tank. 

Keep the water clean and feed them a good quality tropical flake. They are also quite easy fishes to breed as long as you consider a few things.

First, they can get super aggressive when they pair off and want to spawn, so if you find breeding pair put the pair in a tank by themselves.

Second, if they breed a lot, so you need to be prepared to house the frays somewhere so you can raise them. Breeding fish is a great way to level up this hobby, and angles are certainly great fish to start with because they are easy to breed, and you will have no problem selling the fray.


3. Mollies

Mollies are amazing little live bears that just like guppies mollies reproduce non-stop, and you don't need anything to happen. With angels, you need to set up a breeding tank with the pair. With Mollies, you just put them in water and let nature take its course. The parents won't eat their frays. So, every once in awhile, you are looking at your tank, and you'll find babies swimming around there.

Mollis is another excellent beginner fish because they are very tolerant of the mistakes that new fish keepers tend to make. You can find them in a huge variety of colors so you can get some nice variety in there and have all kinds of fun.


2. Danios

Do you want a fish that is indestructible, super active, a tank that you can just sit and watch for hours well if you answer is yes, Check out Danios

Danios are fish that can be described as being close to the perfect fish. They are nice looking and available in different shapes, colors, and sizes and not very hard to breed. Danios aren't known for being aggressive towards other fish, but there is one thing to consider about them when it comes to having them with other fishes in the tank. 

They are Maniacs, swimming a hundred miles in an hour, non-stop. This is awesome for the fish keeper because it gives us something to be entertained by, but this can be a huge source of stress for some other fish. So put them with other active fishes only.


1. Flower Horn

Flower horns are fish that some people love, and some people hate, but at the end of the day, there is a ton of people that are crazy for them. Flower horns are hybrid fish that are selectively breed to exaggerate certain features in their bodies, mainly their colors and what they are known for, the big oval nuke hump. This is the giant ball on their face that people either love or they hate.

Flowerhorns are fish that there are conventions held around the world just to show them off and have competitions to see which one is the best. If hybrids don't bother you, then this is a cool fish to keep. They are not very friendly, that is the reason most of the time you'll see them in the tank all by themselves. But you cannot deny there uniqueness and personality.

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