Top 10 Community Fish in Tank!!

What is a community fish?

A community fish is a fish that's known for having a peaceful temperament and generally gets along with any other fish in the tank. Community fish are not only good for beginner fish keepers, but they are also some pretty amazing fish. 

Here is the list of what is believed to be top 10 community fish: 


Platies and Molies are very similar fish. They are excellent community fish because they have never known to be aggressive towards other fish. They are super easy to keep, and they are available in tons of variety. You can find them in multiple colors and fin types. Platies and Mollies are live bears, which means they give birth to free-swimming fry, and the cool thing is that they'll do this with minimal effort from the fish keeper. 

If you put them your tank with good clean water with some hiding places so that the fry don't get picked off by other fish in the tank, you'll have a tank full of these fish in no time. 



Angelfish are cichlids, and that makes a lot of people think that they are mean, but the truth is they're not. They might get a bit nasty when they are breeding, but if they are not breeding, then they'll pretty much get along with anything. 

Angels are no doubt one of the most majestic fish in the hobby. Their slow movement and long flowing fins make them appealing in almost any tanks. Freshwater angelfish are somewhat larger fish, so you should keep that in mind. A single angelfish needs at least a 29-gallon tank. 

Angels come in several different varieties and colors. They do not bother other fish in the tank unless they are breeding. You need to consider what other species you plan to keep with your angelfish. You don't want to put them with any other fish that has a reputation for nipping on fish fins. Get a group of five to six angelfish and have them be the focal point of your tank and surround them with other types of smaller community fish and plants. That will make for a fantastic tank to look at.



Guppies are awesome. Guppies have been in the hobby forever, and it is understandable why. They are super easy to keep; they come in a variety of colors and fin shapes that will blow your mind. You don't need a big tank or fancy lights for these fish to be happy and to thrive. You'll have so much fun watching the tank, and before you know it, there will be hundreds of Guppies in your tank. 

These fish are super active, and they'll never cause any problem with any other fish. Just like Mollie and Platies, Guppies are live bears, and they are the easiest fish to breed.



Tetras are another staple fish in the hobby. They are everywhere, they are super easy to keep, and they come in tons of different variety. Some verities are Neon and Cardinal tetras, Cerpay, Bloodfin, Glowfish Tetras, and Rummynose Tetras. There are so many varieties of Tetris available that you can have a tank full of one of each of them, and all of them would look different. Some Tetras do prefer to be in schools through their behavior in a school that is amazing to watch. So be sure to check into that before you go buying one of each. You don't need to be an expert fish keeper to keep tetras, so it's another fish that is perfect for beginner fish keeper. With all the different varieties of Tetris, do proper research before buying them and make sure you have the right size tank and also check is the species prefers to be alone or in school. 



Rasbora is one of those fish that will go well in any community fish tank. They are available in several varieties, and they are relatively easy to keep, like so many others on this list. Rasboras are perfect fish because they will remain tiny, but some get a couple of inches in size, so do research them before putting them in a 5-gallon tank. Rasboras are a substrate egg scattering fish, so unless you have lots of plants or think carpet plants on the bottom of your tank, you can expect other fish to come along and eat the eggs. Just because they are labeled as community fish doesn't mean they won't eat the eggs. These are one of the indestructible fish in the hobby absolutely gorgeous. 



Most of the time, catfishes are mistaken, but what most people don't know is that there are a few tiny catfishes in the aquarium hobby they're adorable. Corydoras catfish (also known as Cory cats) are extremely popular in the aquarium hobby and for a good reason. They are really small, so you don't have to have a huge tank, plus they are active and are constantly scavenging around the bottom of your tank, looking for something to munch on. You will rarely see Cory cats sitting in one spot and not moving. If you do, it's only for a second or two, and then they are scavenging again.

So many people are looking for bottom dwellers that will patrol the substrate and help keep things from collecting on the bottom. Cory cats are the perfect answer. Some Cory cats do better in the group, so look into the species and, if needed, buy three or four of them to prevent them from getting lonely.



Barbs are another super cool fish that come in tons of varieties. From long and slender fish to shorter stubbier ones, you can find a barb for any situation. Barbs are super easy to fish to keep, and most of them won't cause any trouble in your tank. 

Warning, some Barbs have a reputation, for example, Tiger Barbs are some striking fish with a lot of personalities, but people will tell you that they are nasty little fish. Then you have Barbs like Denison Barbs that does not have that reputation at all, they are peaceful and will leave all the other fishes alone. You must do some research before getting a Barb for your tank to make sure you get one that matches your tanks needs.



These are another fish in the Catfish family that stays small on average, only getting to four or five inches max so they'll do well in smaller tanks. Don't put Bristlenose Pleco in anything smaller than a 10-gallon tank. 

These little Catfish are the most unique fish on this list, they look like small dinosaurs from another planet, but the cool thing about them is they are super friendly to the other fish in the tank, they are really easy to keep, and they'll help you to keep the bottom of your tank nice and tidy.

Bristlenose Plecos are not the most active fish in the world. They'll do most of their work when you are not looking, but they are super cool and unique. A small community tank without a Bristlenose Plecos just seems incomplete.



Swordtails are very similar to Molly's and Platies in the way they are shaped with one big difference. The sword on their tail, but only the males have the sword. This is another super cool live bear that gets along with any other fish, and they are super active, so they will never be a dull moment with them. With them being the live bears and pretty much always having babies, you do need to take some precautions to keep them from getting out of control unless you want a tank full of them. 

The best way to prevent them from breedings is just to buy males and just buy females. Most people will go the route of only males because they are the ones with swords on their tails. But a tank with a bunch of females is a pretty cool tank too. 



Danios are spazzes. You are not going to find a more active fish in the aquarium hobby. Danios are the prefect aquarium fish. They are fantastic to look at. They are crazy active, and they are practically bulletproof.

It is the best fish for kids and beginners because it is everywhere in the tank, and it can tolerate the growing pains new fish keeper goes through. Young kids will have a great time watching these little fishes and will fall in love with the hobby. 

Let's keep the fish keeper, fish keeping!!!


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