The Ultimate Guppy Diet Guide

Feeding nutrition and a healthy balanced diet to your Guppies will accelerate their growth, and they will have more vibrant colors. A good diet will help in enhancing the color, along with making them healthy and active.

Feeding a variety of food will let your Guppies grow faster; So below is the list of food that you can offer your Guppies for fast growth and more activity in the tank:


Since Guppies are omnivores, green leafy vegetables are right for them. To make it easier for them to consume, you can put the vegetables in a cup, preferably plastic, and microwave it for about 5-6 minutes. That way, it can become soft.

Out of the seven days of the week, you should feed your fish vegetables for three days. There is a lot of fish who do not eat vegetables even after being omnivores. That is why a lot of companies will put vegetables in their pellets, granules, or flakes.

Dry Food

The second thing to feed most often would be good quality pellets, flakes. Usually, you should also add the right amount of Alga to their diet.

Frozen Food

You should also feed frozen food to your fish. You can also choose to fish live food for your Guppies, but not many people like it, and it is also not available all the time whereas frozen food can resort. 

Since Guppies are small, it would not be reasonable to feed them Frozen food every day. Therefore it is considered to be more of a treat for your fish. So, you can provide them Frozen food or live food once a week. This theory would surely not apply to bigger fishes like the Oscars.

Word to the wise

The speed at which your fish grows will depend on their genetics, but a high-quality protein-based diet with regular water changes will undoubtedly speed up the growth and their development.


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