THE GREEN STAR POLYPS/ GSP's: Complete care guide


This coral is very easy to take care of, it is recommended to all the reefers who are just starting off with corals; scared to what to get and what to take care of. This coral should be the first on your list, not just for beginners but also for those who are super experienced. 

PRICES: You will normally not spend any more than $10 on little frag. When you buy a bigger section of it of course the prices are going to go up, but you shouldn't spend a lot of money on these. Just get the small one because they grow pretty quickly. 

CARE LEVEL: They are super easy, they are great for beginners.

TEMPERATURE: You would like to keep it 72-78, normally with corals it's good if you keep you warmer and stable, like at 78.

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1.023-1.025, make sure you keep it stable and they will stay very happy.

COLORS: There is an immensely popular green star polyp, though most of their colors come from neon green, especially under some blue light. And they do have yellow streaks that go through them with a really nice purple body right up underneath them. They look extremely pretty.

You will see a different variation of colors based on how much green and purple they have on their body, where they come from, which tank they grew in. So, you will see some with much lighter green and purler and some with deep green color.

DIET: They feed off the light and they are also filter feeders. So, pretty much feed on good quality water but if you want them to grow faster and have better colors on them do feed them some liquid food to them. If you will feed them oysters you will see them shrink up immediately and grab oyster. 

Feeding them extra helps them to grow and stay healthy.

ORIGIN: Most of them are aquaculture because they are super easy to frag, but if you are to get some they did originate from Indonesia.

VENOMOUS: No, you don't have to worry about getting stung by these or any harm picking them up and putting them in the tank. But they will bother other corals that aren't going to sting them back.

So, one of the main things is if the star polyps tend to get out of hand, they will grow over the top of Zoas and then will just block light from them.

But if you have corals like Anemonies, they will sting the fire out of them and this will keep them under control. In a lot tank, people put them in have stinging corals and round them so that it will keep them in one specific spot and they will not take over the tank.

PLACEMENT & CURRENT: You really can place them anywhere, the main thing is the current.

You want to make sure that you have a medium to strong current pushing on them. They love the current, it looks gorgeous swinging back and forth int he current. It doesn't matter if they are on the top or bottom of them tank. The current is the main thing you want to make sure there is a lot. 

Too low of the current in the tank can cause algae to grow on their skin which is something you really do not want because it can bother them really bad, this is going to cause them not to bring their Polyps out there. So make sure you got plenty of current on them.

TANK SIZE: It doesn't matter but as said before they will take over a tank so make sure you put them sectioned off on a rock where they are not connected to other rocks or around corals that are gonna keep them in place.

WATER PARAMETERS: Make sure you Iodine, Magnesium, Calcium, and all the other water parameters are up to mark, this is gonna make them keep in a very nice color and it is also gonna help them grow.

OVERFLOW: They are an encrusted coral so they will keep growing over rocks, corals, glass. A lot of people will have overflows and they like to start them at the bottom of their overflows. So, it will grow up and will look really cool.

HARDY: They are very hardy, it takes a lot to kill these guys. But if you are wanting to get them and keep them under control, just makes sure you put them sectioned off where they can keep spreading Becuase if there is a rock beside, it will grab the rock and keep growing across it.

LIGHTINGS: It really doesn't; take much light to grow these, but you still want pretty decent corals light over the top of them to help the flourish.

FRAGGING: Fragging these corals are super easy, most the time people just shelf off a rock when they grow enough, they will start to grow off that rock giving them basically a long edge and then just cut the edge off and glue that to another piece of rock and let them grow over some other place. You will not have any problem in fragging them off. 

You also should not just go and start peeling them off the rock, if they are really encrusted onto it, you normally want to catch those edges that they come off of.

SHRUNKING CORAL: If you do notice Star Polyps to shrunk up and you can't figure out why? The  biggest problem that happens is if algae grows on them and you ca not see. Little clean up crews and tangs will go in there and start picking at them constantly trying to get that algae off. This might cause them to stay shrunk up because they are constantly getting picked at. 

The solution will be put more current because this will that algae go away. But if still they remain shrunk up then check you parameters to make sure everything is in check.

There is not much to talk about these corals because they are a very easy and hardy coral which grows very easily.





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