Spotted Hawkfish/ Pixy Hawkfish/ Coral Hawkfish: All you need to know

This is a very cool Hawkfish, but something that is, even more, cooler is,  this fish almost has a twin that's in a whole another part of the world. This fish is popular by the name Pixy Hawkfish also known as Coral Hawkfish. People do get it confused with Spotted Hawkfish because they look almost exactly alike.

Pixy Hawkfish 

Here, we will be talking about both of these fish, because they have almost the same care guide. The reason you can tell the difference is that on the Pixy Hawkfish do not have a very dominant brown circle behind its eyes and its tail is also spotted which makes it different from the Spotted Hawkfish.

The Spotted Hawkfish 

The Spotted Hawkfish will always be browner than red and then they will also have a really dominant circle behind the eye with their tail left not spotted.

All you need to know

PRICE: You will normally spend about $30 on them.

TANK SIZE: You need to get at least a 30-gallon tank, they don't need much room but they need a pretty good bit to run around.

CARE LEVEL: They are super easy to fish to take care of. This is mostly recommended to beginners plus they have an awesome personality in the tank.

TEMPERAMENT: They tend to be aggressive. They are normally the ones to chase after the fish but they tend to get very territorial over the spot in the tank and whenever fish or shrimps swims by they do not hesitate to jump near them and try to protest their territory.

REEF COMPATIBILITY: You definitely want to make sure that it does not get to crunch upon your corals. But this fish is not going to eat up your corals but you can expect them to be on top of the coral many times and make them shrink up.

TEMPERATURE: You would like to keep it from 72-78

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1.020-1.025, everything is basically there for this fish.

MAXIMUM SIZE: You can expect them to get about 3-inches, they don't get too big they just get big enough.

COLORS: They have a white body with bright red spots down them and with the Spotted Hawkfish, the spots tend to be a little browner.

DIET: They are a carnivore, it is good to food them some frozen cubes like frozen brine shrimps. They are a very aggressive eater so make sure you feed them plenty of food that way other fishes in the tank can get some food too.

ORIGIN: They come from Central America, the Spotted Hawkfish might sometimes come from the Indonesia area.

COMPATIBILITY: Normally with Hawkfish, it is recommended to keep just one in a tank because they get really territorial and if you have more than one they can be very aggressive towards each other.


A lot of people like to put this fish with shrimp in their reef tank. Sometimes this fish can be very aggressive towards fish and then there are others that never mess with them, so it is kind of 50-50 on that.


Make sure you have your glass lids on. These guys will jump, they are bad about it.

They do not have a swim bladder which is why they do parch but eventually, you will see they have to come back down and then they parch on top of the rocks. Make sure you have some room and a cool structured build in the tank.

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