Spotband Butterflyfish: full guide!!


It's all about the very pretty butterflyfish, but not just any, we are talking about the Spotband butterflyfish. They are a good butterflyfish to get started with because they are easy to care for. They tend to be very hardy fish and they are easy to get them to eat. 

Many people have a hard time getting butterflyfish to eat and they are none to be difficult but the Spotband Butterflyfish is one that does really well.

The Spotband Butterflyfish can get to about 5-inches long, so they do not get as large as some of the other butterflyfish which can get huge making this butterflyfish more ideal for home aquariums. They have dark yellow throughout their bodies with really pretty black spots and stripes all over them. This makes a really cool design all over them.

They are omnivores, therefore they will eat plant-based and high protein diet. So you can feed them, shrimp, bloodworms. While processed food such as flakes and pellets can be a challenge to get most butterflyfish to eat the Spotband Butterflyfish will eventually eat flakes and pellets.

Most Spotband Butterflyfish are commonly found around the Indonesia area.


Tank Size for a Spotband Butterflyfish

The recommended tank size for a Spotband Butterflyfish 75-gallon or larger. They need at least a four-foot tank because they are very active fish who are constantly on the move. So, you definitely want to give them a good 4-feet on length of more to allow them to run back and forth. 


Spotband Butterflyfish Care

The Spotband Butterflyfish care level is easy. They are a really good beginner butterflyfish if you've never had a butterflyfish before. Their temperament is peaceful to the point that they can be shy at times. This specific butterflyfish should be put with other peaceful tankmates. Aggressive tankmates will cause them to be shyer in your tank and could even cause them to jump out of your tank.

While the Spotband Butterflyfish is an amazing butterflyfish they are NOT Reef Compatible. Most butterflyfish are very bad about nipping at your corals and this one is no exception. They can be good at eating any Aiptasia that you may have in your aquarium but putting them in a reef tank is not a good idea. 


Water Conditions for the Spotband Butterflyfish

Temperature: 72-78

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

Salinity: 1.020-1.025


Unless you have a really large aquarium, it is recommended that you only keep one in your tank. A lot of times, butterflyfish tend to fight other butterflyfish. So, if you plan to keep a butterflyfish in your aquarium it is wise to consider all of them before choosing one to prevent two butterflyfish from fighting one another. 

Make sure your aquarium has plenty of rock as mentioned before they can be shy at the time and if there are no places for it to hide it can stress them out. So, give them plenty of caves and little structure that they can hide in case they get spooked.

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