Sometimes you gotta start EASY

 We all start somewhere. You crawl before you walk, mumble before you talk, scribble before you write. Why should starting out in Planted Aquariums or Aquascaping be any different? I previously wrote some quick tips on the hobby as a whole, but in this article, I want to be very specific for the person just starting out.

 If you're like me when I started money was an issue and go full-blown planted can get pricey! It's my belief that even with all the pieces needed to do a project if you have no clue what you're doing... trouble is on the horizon. That's why starting out with some easy, low-tech plants is the way to go. Here is the list I am keeping it short to make your experience the best it can be.

  • Water wisteria (Hygrophila difformis) 
  • Cryptocoryne Wendetii
  • Amazon Sword
  • Dwarf sagittaria

 These are hearty plants all are root feeders and grow in pretty much any substrate (provided you add root tabs). You could add any of these plants to an already established tank and see how you do, or use them to create a beautiful Aquascape in a new set up. 

 I have used both dwarf sag and water wisteria as carpeting plants in the foreground of an aquarium, swords, wisteria, and crypt are all great mid and background plants.

My #1 tip is this SET IT and FORGET IT! What I mean by this is don't make changes every day, place the plants in the tank and arrange before you flood it. This will keep algae from taking over and allow your plants to transition to being underwater quickly.

#2 is if you are doing a brand new set up buy a lot of plants LIKE ALOT! 

#3 Let it grow, Let it grow! You are going to lose some plants right off the bat, leave them be the roots are good its the silly leaves that died.

#4 Don't give up, keep doing your maintenance enjoy your new-found hobby






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I have been in the aquarium hobby for just around 10 years. Like many I started with the cichlids. I eventually only kept large body New World cichlids but then I discovered the world of Aquascaping. I’d never been artistic before and now found something


Jeffrey Anastacio


Nice article. I love the aquascape of the tank

Apr 13, 2021

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