Seneye's Suggesting a Different Wi-Fi module for the Seneye Web Server

Seneye just removed the EDiMAX Wi-Fi module from their site and replaced it with the VIXMINI Wi-Fi. The VIXMINI is an Access Point, Router and an Extender all in one, I was not able to find any reviews on the device. I assume Seneye replaced the EDiMAX because they were seeing better and more reliable connectivity with their Seneye Web Server. The VIXMINI appears to be smaller than the EDiMAX Wi-Fi module.

The Wi-Fi module is used for the Seneye Web Server, with an internet connection it allows you to monitor your Seneye remotely and receive alerts when something goes wrong.

EDiMAX WiFi Module

Seneye did not provide many details about the WiFi module so I assume other than the more compact design I would not expect much of a difference between the two. 


Seneye's Website "The Seneye Web Server Wi-Fi module plugs into the socket and connects to allow you to make your SWS fully wireless."


One thing I found puzzling about the VIXMINI is the price. Seneye has the VIXMINI listed as SWS Wi-Fi module and priced at $80, yet the VIXMINI can be found online much cheaper, on Amazon you can pick one up for about 25% of the cost

We sent Seneye a message to see if maybe they partnered with VIXMINI and are offering a custom Wi-Fi module, we will update the article once we hear back from them.

The VIXMINI is an Access Point, Router and a Wi-Fi extender it could possibly make it a good choice for anything that needs Wi-Fi access, so if you have an older version of the Apex or even a video gaming system that needs online access you may want to check it out. Hopefully, we will start to see some reviews on Amazon and find out how reliable it is.


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