Only 12 of These Fish Will Ever Live!

This fish is one of only 12 of its kind who have ever existed and will ever exist. It's a juvenile hybrid Purple Yellow Tang that we are going to tell you everything about.

A Truly Rare Fish

Breeding fish is not as easy as putting two together, getting them drunk, and playing some Barry White. And while the Yellow and the Purple Tangs are both of the genus Zebrasoma and they look very similar, in the wild, they live over 9,000 miles apart, with the Yellow being endemic to Hawai and the Purple endemic to the Red sea. 

That is why this fish is scarce. 

While fishes like Wrough Iron and Butterfly are rare in the hobby and shared in the wild, the Yurple Tang is never seen in the wild and might never be seen in the pursuit because of the original Dirty Dozen. And because America is the world's biggest market for saltwater fishes, it's even more unusual to see such unique fishes anywhere else in the hobby.


Now, the exclusivity, of course, costs money, especially in the reefing hobby. And being the two of only that will level life, these guys are likely to come with a hefty price tag. In the states, however, they are between about $20k.

A fish like this is absolute catnip to wealthy collectors, but while it might be rare, this is not the most stunning fish you'll ever see. However, as they grow up, their colors tend to change; by then, they might become high-demand captivating fish.


To bring out the best colors and make out the Yellow-Purple, the breeders tend to give the VIP treatment. They feed the seven different food several times of time a day and will be enriched with vitamins.

They are kept in tanks with peaceful fishes to make them feel comfortable. All these tank mates have the same-sized mouth so that they will accept the same variety of foods. And it doesn't hurt that the tankmates are also highly.

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