New Tank in da House

My family visited a Local Fish Store (LFS) recently and my son noticed a Betta fish and really wanted it. My wife asked if it was ok to let him get it and now my son's fish addiction has started. We also decided to get two Cardinal Tetras to keep the betta company. I also bought a heater, some food, a decoration (of course). 

I had an extra 5-gallon tank and some gravel at the house and figured it was the perfect setup for the betta.

I made my son clean the tank and gravel which was filthy. Then he aquascaped it. I have to give credit to my wife, she poured the water in the tank, I had pulled my back earlier that day and it was killing me (I am fine now).

My son loves his fish and has named them Flappy, Carl, and Rocky (the betta). He says good morning and good night. He will sit and talk to them (super cute) and he does a great job feeding them twice a day.


Hard at work
Flappy, Carl and Rocky happy in their new home

Next week we will do a water change and I will see how much he will help. He is already talking about getting a sucker fish to help keep his tank clean, lol. 

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