Mini Carpet Anemone: Complete Care Guide

Mini Carpet Anemone is an invert that looks like any other coral in your tank. These are really pretty, one of the biggest things you can get off right the bat is that carpet Anemones can get huge, they can overtake your entire tank. They are at least 12-inches across and they have the capability of getting even bigger than that. 

Whereas the Mini Carpet Anemone will normally stay about 4-6 inches. So, let's learn all you need to know about the Mini Carpet Anemone and how you can provide these inverts best life in the captivity of your tank according to Brock Leonard:

Mini Carpet Anemone

PRICES: You will normally spend about $30 for getting one of these creatures. If you desire to get the ones with more rare coloration that you surely will have to spend more than this, a little more in the $60 range.

CARE LEVEL: They are super easy to take care of, you will rarely run into any problem with them till the time you are keeping your water parameters stable and in place.

Water Parameters

TEMPERATURE: You want to keep these inverts from 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. It is often advised to keep them stable at the warmer side of the scale as these Anemones like warmer tank water.

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1..023-1.025

CURRENT: Keeping current high in the tank will help them feed really well and keep them completely healthy.


COLORS: There are tons of different color variations available for this invert/coral. The most common one is one with a red center and a few green tips along the line, you can also find the one with a lot of greenish-white coloration. The rarer one which will cost you a hefty amount is the one that has a lot of orange and yellow on their body.

ORIGIN: They come from Philipines and Vietnam

PLACEMENT: You can place them anywhere in the tank and they do fine. But make sure that you don't put them with corals that cannot defend themselves against this invert. Ideally, you should place them on the grown this way they can spread out big and look really pretty on the sand bed. A lot of people like to up them in their tank which is good, but a lot of times when they move which doesn't happen often but when they do they will definitely sting corals in the close vicinity.


These creatures mostly feed on photosynthesis, but you also want to give them a pretty good meaty diet. It will help them grow and get a lot bigger as you want them.

So, you can cut little pieces of shrimps and drop them on top of them, they will quickly grab them and suck them off really fast.

Make sure not to give them too big of a piece because what they'll end up doing is they will eat it and whatever they don't want, they will just spit it back out and you will be having little species of shrimps floating around your tank, which you certainly don't want. Oysters are another good option.


They definitely are venomous as any other Anemone. So, with these guys, you really shouldn't have to worry too much while handling them with your hands. Our pores are way too tight and brought hand therefore it is tough for them to get that little stinger to shoot that venom into us. 

The main problem with them is that when you reach down real far in your tank and they might hit you on your forearm and it can get you good right there. It will feel like a bee sting and will surely hurt. So, definitely be careful while handling them.


They are very uncommon for Clownfishes to actually host them so do not get your hopes on for them. The actual Carpet Anemonies will host Clowns all the time, but not the Mini Carpet Anemones.

You can put them in PVC pipes, this will help them anchor that foot in the PVC pipes and they'll rarely move ever. Then you can just put that PVC pipe anywhere you want and they will bloom out of PVC pipe which looks super amazing.


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