LiveAquaria Deep Dive into the Tessalata Eel

The Tessalata Mora Eel, which is also known as the Honey Combe Eel, has a light-colored body with a pattern of dark honey combe markings. Providing a striping contrast and making them very alluring to the hobbyist who fancies Moray Eels or a large marine predator.

While a popular Eel, the Tessalata is not for everyone due to its potential size of five feet or more. These impressive Eels require a large aquarium with a tight fit lid that should be weighed down to prevent these muscular Eels from pushing their way out of the aquarium. They should have plenty of rock or structures to allow the moray eel to retreat into, place the rock to allow caves which the Eel can hide in during the day. Eels are more active at night and will explore the entire tank once the lights go out.

How Tessalatas is a predatory fish and can grow to five feet long make sure that other tank makes are larger than the eel. Possible tank makes include Triggers, Puffers, Groupers, and Damsels who are normally too quick for the eels to catch.

Like most Moray Eels Tessalatas are very hardy and will readily accept any meaty foods suck as shrimp, squid, scallops, silversides, and other marine predator diet foods. When feeding Tessalatas, you can use feeding tongs or a feeding stick to hold or steer the food, then place it near the Eel to consume.

Make sure not to feed any Eels by hand how their eyesight is not the best, and your fingers can easily be mistaken for food. More importantly, Eels have many sharp teeth designed to prevent things from escaping their mouth once caught. Besides any medium to large size moray eel will most likely lead to damage human flesh and a trip to the emergency room. While Tessalatas may not be for everyone due to the size and tank needs once full-grown. They can be an impressive spectacle and a rewarding display animal some consider larger eels petlike.

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