Keyhole Angelfish: all you need to know

The Keyhole Angelfish is known by a couple of other names like the Melas Angelfish and Tibicen Angelfish. This is a dwarf angelfish but it is the largest amongst all the dwarf angelfish variety, therefore it gets pretty large.

Keyhole Angelfish 

PRICE: You will mostly get them for $60

TANK SIZE: It is recommended to keep them in a 75-gallon, and if it hits its maximum size you will need a bigger tank, more of a 120-gallon to 180-gallon range. 

CARE LEVEL: Moderate, they do have some feeding issues. So, to avoid that start feeding them a variety of food from the beginning. Or ask the fish store what they are feeding this fish.

TEMPERAMENT: They can be semi-aggressive, they definitely can be territorial especially if a new fish comes in the tank. So, a lot of times it is good to add this fish later in the tank.

REEF COMPATIBILITY: With caution. With these fishes, you will see that it is a 50-50 shot; they will either do great in your reef tank or they will do bad and nip everything.

They are bad at nipping up soft corals, and they are also awful at nipping your clams. So, you want to think about it before risking putting him in the tank. You will see people with Keyhole Angelfish along with beautiful corals in their reef tank and they would not be messing with anything but on the other hand, you will also see some people having complete opposite scenarios; where the Melas angle would do not stop plucking everything.

You have to risk it if you are will to put this fish in your reef tank.

TEMPERATURE: It like to be kept in temperature between 72-78 degrees. Normally people keep it on the little bit warmer side i.e. right at 78

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1.020-1.025

MAXMUM SIZE: They get up to 8-inches long and that is a pretty large Angel. If you put it in a 75-gallon it will take a lot of room. So, if it does get that big you definitely have ot upgrade in the future.

COLORS: Normally they have a really pretty black body and under the lights it look almost dark blue. It also have this really dominant Keyhole white spots on the side and nice yellow fins down the body. So, it is really very pretty fish to have in the tank.

DIET: They are omnivore which means that they are going to be eating meaty food and also algae. So, you want ot make sure to feed them things like frozen cubes, brine shrimp is another food that this fish really likes. Pallets and flake food is also good if you can get them to eat it. 

But you do want ot make sure that you are putting plenty of algae in his diet because that is going to keep the diseases off them, make their colors really pop, and it will keep them healthy.

ORIGIN: They come from Indonesia.

COMPATIBILITY: A lot of times with Angelfish if yo are going to put them with other Angelfish than it is best to put them both together. If you already have an angel in your tank and you try to put another one chances are that they are going to be very territorial over the tank and you will have aggression in the tank.

Or if you have large enough aquarium where you have plenty of room that both can be territorial over different sections of the tank then it can workout that way too.

Good for eating hair algae in the tank

So, you do want plenty of live rock in the tank because they run around the live rocks picking up on them looking for alage constantly. One of the good thing about this fish is that they are known to be good at eating the hair algae that grows in the tank. 

Enjoy your Keyhole Angelfish!


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