Is Kalkwasser Good for your coral

What does Kalkwasser do to a reef tank, and would it make your corals grow faster and look healthier? Today, we are taking a look at just the tank.

Kalkwasser has been used in the saltwater aquarium for years and with great success. And apart from being the cheapest way to dose calcium and alkalinity to your reef tank, it also boosts the pH level of your water. Because our reef tanks absorb the CO2, we breathe out. But unfortunately, most reef tanks have suppressed pH levels.

It will increase your pH, which might not look like much of an improvement, but pH is a logarithmic scale. So, a pH of 7 is ten times more acidic than a pH of 8. Therefore, going from 7.7 to 8.2 will make your water five times less acidic.

Coral Growth

Within just a month of dosing Kalkwasser, calcium and alkalinity will increase dramatically. Now you can only add as much calc to a reef tank as the freshwater you lose to evaporation each day. So, if done well, it will help your corals grow better and faster. The Montipora coral especially loves Kalkwasser.

So, all this, combined with a massive increase in alkalinity assumption, means that Kalkwasser will significantly increase coral growth. 

Coral Coloration and Health

Plus, Kalkwasser will not make a massive difference in the coloration of the corals. But while the growth can be pinned down to Kalkwasser, the color improvement could be down to different lighting or fluctuating nutrient levels in the tank. 

However, you will witness a significant growth improvement in coral health. But Kalkwasser isn't a magic potion that will mask all your problems. As with any reef tank, some corals can suffer for different reasons.

Summary of Kalkwasser Benefit

In summary, Kalkwasser will significantly increase the pH level in your tank. This will result in a massive increase in the uptake of calcium and alkalinity, with certain corals growing like crazy and others generally showing improved growth.

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