Hitchhikers on a Lions Mane Jellyfish

The British Wildlife Photography Awards just announced their 2016 winner for the photo of the year, shown above, George Stoyle named it ‘Hitchhikers’, due to all of the baby fish living dangerously between the tentacles of the jellyfish to try to escape pray. 

“I was working for Scottish Natural Heritage on a project to assess the current biological status of major sea caves around some of the UK’s most remote islands. At the end of one of the dives I was swimming back to the boat when I came face to ‘face’ with the largest jellyfish I’d ever encountered. As I approached cautiously I noticed a number of juvenile fish had taken refuge inside the stinging tentacles.”

If you enjoy wildlife photography check out their site they have all of the category winners listed and there are some great photos.

Speaking of photos, have you uploaded any photos of the species that you own? To upload a photo take a picture of your fish, invertebrates or corals locate the species on the site and click on upload new picture.  Do so today, we are going to start some contest soon for users with the most liked photos.

We are putting it all together now, leave us a message below on what type of prizes you would like to see? Details on the contest will be published on October 3rd.

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