[Guide] Perfect Aquarium Temperature You Should Maintain

The aquarium temperature is an essential component of the life of aquatic inhabitants, so you need to monitor the temperature of the water in the aquarium for the fish so that they are not sick and happy. 

General information

Fish lack receptors that can maintain body temperature, as they are cold-blooded. Therefore, their health directly depends on the conditions that the environment offers them. If they are optimal and there are no sudden changes in temperature, then the pets feel great, actively move, and give positive emotions to their owner.

But with a sharp decrease in the indicator to an alarming mark, the activity of the fish decreases, they look lethargic. At the same time, immunity also leaves much to be desired, and pets can get sick or catch an infection. 


Very often, this leads to sad consequences. Also, with a constant deviation from the optimum water temperature for fish in the aquarium, their life cycle becomes shorter. So they die much faster.

If the temperature is too high, this leads to the multiplication of bacteria, while the water may become cloudy. The behavior of the fish looks aggressive. 

The fact is that with a high the oxygen content decreases, which means that the waste products decompose more slowly, thereby greatly polluting the environment. Fish with hypoxia will cause the fish to the surface of the water to gasp for air. So, it is time to take measures to reduce water temperature urgently.

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Optimal performance

Thinking about what the temperature of the water should be in the aquarium, it is essential to consider the type of fish. Because each fish needs special conditions of the aquarium. And you need to know this when you share new residents.

The optimal indicator is considered to be 25 degrees Celsius. This is exactly the normal mode for most popular fish species living in domestic water bodies. But some prefer colder conditions of aquarium. Like, Neon Tetras feel great at 18−22 degrees. Due to this, their life cycle increases significantly, but some people like it “hotter,” for example, Betta FIsh and Gourami prefer t to 27-30 degrees.

Observation and adjustment

In order to prevent temperature changes, it is essential to monitor the regime. This can be done using aquarium thermometers.

They come in several forms:

  • mercury;
  • liquid crystal;
  • electronic;

It is best to choose submersible thermometers. They are the most accurate. Thermometers can be mounted on using suction cups, in the middle or closer to the bottom of the aquarium. 

Their only drawback is the fastening method because suckers often come across low-quality ones, which means that the device will fall. In addition, some fish like to pick at the thermometer causing it to come loose.

To adjust the use of water heaters. They look like a glass bulb with a metal spring inside. At the top, there is a lever and divisions, the heater must be set to the required mode, and it will heat water. 

Available means reduction

Often in the summer, the apartment becomes especially hot, and the body of water also heats up from the environment, which is not permissible. Special refrigeration units and coolers are on sale. But the former is quite expensive, and the latter is ineffective. Therefore, you have to look for ways to cool water with improvised materials.

Of course, it’s good to have a split system in the apartment that cools the entire room to the desired level, but not everyone has air conditioning in the house. 

The temperature of the water can be reduced with cold water if you make a change. But this method does not last long. It is much easier just to freeze bottled water and use them if necessary. 

This option also has disadvantages:

  • bottles take up a lot of space in the refrigerator and aquarium;
  • the ice melts quickly, and you have to change the capacity.

To do this, you can:

  1. Turn on the optional compressor.
  2. Dilute hydrogen peroxide in a container, per 1 tbsp. per 100-liter volume. This method further disinfects water.

Mode for different fish

Before buying, it is important to familiarize yourself with the information on the content of the pet. Especially if you plan to buy several types of fish. The seller will tell you how many degrees there should be water in the aquarium for these or other representatives. 

If you take a list of the most popular fish, the mode will be as follows:

For more rare species, you will have to look for information in specialized literature, but if you could not find it, then you need to adhere to the average value. Even those fish who like cool water will feel great at 25 degrees.

If you want to do aquarium work, it is important not only to know how many degrees should be in the aquarium but also to stock up with the necessary equipment so that you do not have to look for extreme ways of heating or cooling.

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