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  • Nov 10, 2018
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Looking for Gift Ideas for Saltwater Aquarium Lover with Corals?

Here are some ideas for someone who is into saltwater aquariums, you know the person who never stops talking about their corals or is constantly showing you pictures. Let me start off by telling you, you should NOT go out and buy them a coral. There are too many things to consider when buying a coral, some corals can hurt other corals, some corals have very specific requirements. So, if you are thinking about getting someone a coral think again. On the flip side, I will go over some gift ideas anyone with corals would love to have.


Propergation/Trimming Kits

Just like plants around your home when corals grow they sometimes have to be trimmed. Here is a basic kit that has all of the key tools for under $30 and free shipping DDP Coral Propagation FRAGGING KIT Set 10 PCS. This is one of those gifts that even if they have one having another set is not a bad thing. When you look at the set it may look like some sort or strange medical or torture set. You can almost see someone laying this out and saying, “in the end everyone talks”. Don’t worry I have other gift ideas too.


Coral Food

Just like any living thing corals do best when they are feed there are a few different corals food that people tend to lean towards that are full of the yum yum stuff corals are looking for. Even if they have one or more of these getting another will not go to waste. Here are the top ones:


Saltwater Aquarium of the Month Subscription

It’s not really called that, it’s called My Aquarium Box and for $29.99 a month it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Well... as long as you do not cancel your $29.99 a month subscription it will keep giving. You can buy just one month also. So here's an idea, have it shipped to yourself, wrap it and when you give it to them and they unwrap it and open the box it will be a surprise for the two of you. Also, if for whatever reason if they don't like what is in the box, it’s not your fault.


I Really Want to Give Them a Coral

Ok, so you can give them a coral. I know what I said before, but let them choose the coral. There are many signature coral online vendors that most people in the hobby may not have had the opportunity to buy from yet. Keep in mind that when ordering corals you have to pay for overnight delivery, it’s important to get the corals from point A to point B as fast as possible. The vendor will not even sell you a coral without overnight shipping unless you can pick it up locally.


World Wide Corals (WWC) deals with signature coral and they offer a gift card. If you go this route you want to get them at least $100 gift card. Most of their selection is going to start at around $50 and prices can jump to over $1,5000. Plus, don’t forget the overnight shipping, it will run you about $25. So a $100 gift card will let you choose a coral in the $50 - $75 range.


Jason Fox is another signature coral vendor and they also offer gift cards just like before you want to get them at least $100 worth of gift cards.


Unique Corals is another signature coral vendor, here, your dollar goes a little further, don't let that fool you. Unique Corals selection of corals is great. I would still suggest a $100 worth of gift cards but if you did $75 worth of gift cards they would stills have some good choices.


Another great option for a gift card would be their Local Fish Store (LFS), most of the local fish stores will have gift card option that can be purchased locally and they can choose any type of aquarium item that they sell.


Any coral lover would love to get gift cards from any of these vendors. Even if they lived under a coconut and did not know who these vendors were once he sees their section he will change his mind.


Every Day Items

If you want to get a few less expensive items that go with some of the great gifts you got them, swing by the dollar store. There are many everyday kitchen items that are used in feed tanks such as Turkey Baster (used to target feed corals), small measuring cups (used to thaw food, measure liquid additives and more), funnels and plastic strainers, get creative too as long as it is food grade it should be OK.

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