Geometric Hawkfish/ Pygmy Perch let/ Hi Pin Perch let: All you need to know


This is a great fish for nano-tank, this is the Geometric Hawkfish or Pygmy Perchlet to Hi Fin Perchlet.

PRICES: You will normally spend about $40 on this fish.

TANK SIZE: This fish can thrive in 20-gallon and bigger tanks, could be even smaller in some cases if you have plenty of rock for the fish to run into.

CARE LEVEL: They are super easy to fish to take care of.

TEMPERAMENT: They can be semi-aggressive. The normal Hawkfish likes to perch around on the rocks so a lot of time the fish gets near that place they like to perch, they can get territorial over it. But you normally don't run into too bad of a problem you just have to bulk up at them to scare them away.

REEF SAFE: Definitely yes, a lot of people love to put them in their nano-reefs for the fish to run around.


TEMPERATURE: You want to keep it from 72 to 78-degrees Fahrenheit.

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1.020-1.025


MAXIMUM SIZE: They tend to get only 2-inches, these are Pygmys, they are not going to get huge, they will remain relatively small.

COLORS: It is bright red, a little bit orange on the body too with a white pattern that goes through them which really catches people's eye.


DIET: They are carnivore so make sure you are feeding them plenty of

  • Mysis
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Frozen Cubes

One more good thing to feed them is pellets because a lot of times they won't swim up to the very top of the tank. So, they definitely need to get some food down there before all the other fish eat it so pellets are really good about floating down there to them.

ORIGIN: They do come from Cebu.

COMPATIBILITY: Normally they are not paired with other hawkfish which just tends to be a problem with them perching around the tens, they tend to fight a lot, so definitely watch out for that.

Don't move the rocks

Remember they can be very shy at the beginning so you don't want to move the rocks around in the tank, it is just going to scare them even more. So, give them a couple of days and this fish will come out and be ready to go in your tank to show off.

Make sure you do have a glass lid because they are Hawkfish, they are a big-time jumper. They are a very cool fish to have, just put them in with other peaceful tankmates. 

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