Endler's Livebearer: best livebearer for beginners

Let us talk about Endler's Livebearer. This is a fish that used to be just the iconic, black silver with a few specks of colors on it. But now it is morphed into 4 million hybrid versions. But care they all need is the same, so we are just going to focus on the original Endler.


Endlers are Hardy Fish

Endler fish are a very, very hardy fish. Typically they don't even need to have a heater if you have a reasonable temperature in your home. They will live in almost any pH and practically any hardness. 


Breading Endler Fish

Endlers are livebearers. They give birth to live young. So, after about 30 days of gestation, more babies will come out. If you have a ton of cover in fake plants or live plants and either a sponge filter or something preventing your filter from sucking up the babies, you will make many, many, many more. 



They are straightforward to feed, both the fray and the adults. 

  • Flake food
  • Pallets
  • Frozen food

You can feed them anything. If you have fish food, they are going to eat it unless it has gone and gone rancid very.


Great Beginner fish

  • Very easy to make more
  • A great beginner fish
  • Great for kids
  • Great for planted tank.

They will nip and peck at little peace of algae and clean up overall. They get along just about anything. They make an excellent feeder for more predatory fish or even just some frogs in the tank, to help control the population.

There is nothing really bad about them.


Endler Diseases

The diseases they are prone to are:

  • Bacterial infection
  • fungal infections

If the after getting more acidic than required, or nitrates way to high. Extreme neglect is when that disease will set in. Here we are tanking about the extreme case. Normally neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras will get sick and die way before these will ever get to that point.


Maintaining an Endler Tank

Because they are so easy to take care of and they are so prolific, we tend to ignore them, for example, not changing the water for months. They would fall sick because they are always pushing forward, especially when you have live plants, they are doing cleanups. 

If we stay on top, treating them like all the other fish, they are effortless, and they reward us with so many free fish, which we can sell to the pet store, gifting to friends and enjoying them.


Great Fish

They are excellent fish for both yourself and your family. If you want to teach about the life cycle of an aquarium, they are great for that. 


Which one to keep?

You can find true Endlers, and you can find hybrids in your Local Fish Store (LSP) like Tiger Endler, Lime-green Endler, Red Endlers. Just pick the flavor, and usually, people breed one character, they can breed and make some money by selling them back. 

But you can put any of them together when it comes to picking males and females. The males have all the color, and females don't. You typically want two females on one male.


Endler Tank Size

Minimum tank size is 5-gallon, but it is recommended to keep them in at least 10-gallons and always keep that ratio of one male to two females. In 10-gallon maybe you buy a trio, in 6-gallon maybe you buy six or nine of them. But they will make more.


Enjoy the Fish

You don't need a whole lot to start with. You make more as long as you have the right environment. You don't have a ton of fish, eating their babies, and You don't have that open filter. With all the things at the place, you can get them going.

If you ever get tired of them, keep adding other fish in there, and eventually, the babies will get eaten by them, and you will have a much more manageable population, and that can eat any food; win-win.

So, enjoy those Endler's Livebearers, know that they are much much easier than normal guppies or almost any other livebearer on the planet.

Enjoy them, set your kids up, set whoever that new hobbyist, maybe you are a new hobbyist, and enjoy them.

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