Electric Flame Scallop: Complete care guide

Electric Flame Scallop is also known as Electric Disco Calms and is one of the most eye-catching corals you cant have in your reef tank. The lightning flashes from it all the time make it look extraordinary amongst the other corals in the hobby.

Why do these corals flashlights?

The corals flash all the time because, in the wild, they try to attract prey, i.e., phytoplankton, so that they can eat them. Another reason for the light is to scare away predators. If you have a group of them in your tank, they will do it to each other so they can get closer to each other to find meals.

They can do it because they have a highly reflective tissue that will come out very quickly and hide almost immediately, which gives it that bright electric lightning looks going through them.

Electric Flame Scallop

PRICES: You don't have to spend any more than $20 for getting one of these corals. 

CARE EVEL: You will never find anyone saying this to be an easy beginner-friendly coral, and that is actually true. It is tough to get them to eat. Therefore you have to have an ample amount of experience with corals to add these to your collection.

TEMPERATURE: Stable at 78-degrees Fahrenheit.

dKH: 8-12

pH: 8.1-8.4

SALINITY: 1.023-1.025

APPEARANCE: These corals have a white shell with a very bright red inside, with the tentacles flaring out in the water.

DIET: They do it phytoplankton, and that is it. They are filter feeders, so make sure to feed them plenty of phytoplankton. Often, you can get it in the bottles and get a little squirter and get right up next to them, and they will eat it. People have a lot of trouble with it because they get out of the habit of feeding them a couple of times a week. So if you are keeping up with the feeding routine, they will do great in your tank.

ORIGIN: They do come from the Indo-Pacific or the Caribbean region.

VENOMOUS: They are not venomous at all.

PLACEMENT: It is advised to put them at the bottom near the rock structure. This way, they can put their foot in and get plenty of good current coming towards them to help them catch the phytoplankton.

CURRENT: Medium current, which is enough to get their tentacles moving so they can catch the food, would be perfect.

They can clap their shell close, and normally if you see them moving across the tank, it would be because they think they are in danger. Maybe some fish was nibbling on them, or they are not getting enough food or light. 

Ensure that you keep your calcium up and then alkalify, KH stable (8-12) in the tank. Make sure to feed them a couple of times a week; otherwise, this coral will perish.


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