Dwarf Gourami: Complete care guide


Dwarf Gourami is one of the most popular fish Gourami species in the aquarium hobby. These fish have attracted a lot of newbies in the hobby because it is a tiny fish and you don't need a huge tank for and they are super colorful. But it cannot be considered as a beginner fish as these fishes are prone to sickness and they can also be aggressive.


There are numerous types of Gauramies available in the market, the Neon Blue, The Powder Blue, The blue, The Honey, etc. They are all very colorful and males hold most of the coloration.




When it comes to feeding your Dwarf Gaurami, for the most part it would not be a problem. They are a very opportunistic feeders, they are omnivores. You will find that they will eat probably anything you throw in, but you have to be careful not to overfeed them. Overfeeding will cause them suffer from bloat because this fish haves a tendency to just go on eating non-stop which will eventually cause bloating, then stressing as then they die.

For a 20-gallon aquarium, longer 20-gallon aquarium with heavy vegetation because they will get somewhat aggressive and they will chase each other and other fishes in the tank. They are also seen to be highly aggressive towards other fish and a lot of time they will be super aggressive to other Gauramis.

To keep the water condition habitable in your tank it is advised to do 50% water change once a week. Having live plants in the tank will help you to take down the number of water changes because obviously plants eat the nutrient fish gives off the nitrates.


It is seen that most people who are planning to keep dwarf Gouramis are looking to put them in a 10-gallon. This is the reason that makes them so popular because beginners usually start with smaller tanks and the Dwarf Gourami stand out as one of the best options for them.

This in turn is also a double-edged sword because people are overwhelmingly having problems with them in general. This might be because they live in such a small tank and the water parameters go couth much faster than a larger tank. So, a decent tank size for Gouramies is important because the larger the tank easier the water parameter is to keep in check.


The most appropriate size to home this guys in a 30-gallon long, with a lot of heavy vegetation. It is great if you keep them with live plants but if you need to use fake plants that is also totally fine. Ideal would be a longer tank and you should know that 20 or 30-gallon tank is a lot easier to take care of then a 10-gallon or a 5-gallon tank.


For faster don't get a super powerful one just because Gauramis have that labyrinth style breathing. They are commonly seen coming to the surface gulping fro some air so having too much surface moving can be bad thing with these fishes.


A very common problem lot of people face with Gauramis is having to deal with the heater and the water temperature of the tank. You will often find people saying that they are susceptible to wide range of water changes, this might be true for farm raised Gaurami but in general its not true.

Therefore you have to have a decent quality heater. Because water temperature dropping below 76-degrees, the fish will get stressed out and then sick and it just snowballs form there. So, always look after the temperature and heater when you have these fishes in your tank.


These fish are pretty easy to take care of get atankw ith enough coverage, nice tropical quality fish that can co-habitat with other fish and all the other things mentioned above; and you are good to go!


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